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6 Ways to make Mother’s Day a Blessing During a Pandemic

Beth Patch - Senior Internet Editor & Producer

Moms have dealt with crises since the day a life was placed in their care. Being alert, cautious, and careful to keep their children safe from danger is in their DNA. They said, “wash your hands” at least a thousand times before COVID-19 was even a thing. This pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty to our world, but it’s not the first time mom has faced something that’s out of her hands. So, for Mother's Day, trust the Lord for her care and do your best to show her your love (no matter how old you are).

So, here’s a list of ways we can bless our mothers in pandemic times:

1. Pray

Pray for your mother. Ask God to guide her and protect her. Then, tell her you pray for her. She will appreciate knowing this.

2. Spend time with her.

Maybe you can’t physically be with your mother or maybe you can. If you can, then great - do it. But, if you think it would put her health at risk, let her see you from a window if possible. Video chat is the next best thing. If this is possible, don’t miss the chance to spend a few minutes letting her see your face and your family’s faces, if you have a family. If no video chat can take place, then, by all means, call her and spend a few minutes talking with her.

3. Share parts of your current life

Tell her silly stories about your day, your children, your spouse — the type of things you would have shared at the kitchen table a long time ago. Laugh with her.

4. Speak words of kindness

Thank her. Tell her she means so much to you. Tell her the good things about the person you’ve become that you attribute to her.

5. Acknowledge

Acknowledge things she did for you - She taught you right from wrong. She loved you unconditionally. Think of specific times she really came through for you and remind her of how much that meant to you.

6. Gifts

Gifts of the heart bless a mom more than any other kind of gift. Moms sacrifice many things (too numerous to list) to raise a family. Don’t assume she knows she matters to you. Show her and tell her. Some people avoid stores and lots of people have lost jobs, so a gift doesn’t have to cost anything. You can do something creative, like record a Happy Mother’s Day video and put it on YouTube so she can look at it over and over or post something original that shows you love her on social media and tag her in it. Get creative and make it from your heart.

Mother's Day, especially in a pandemic, gives you a chance to start a new tradition in how to show Mom your love. Let her know you care.

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