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I've Tried to be Good All My Life? Why Do I Need a Savior?

In order to get an answer to any problem, sometimes the problem is figuring out the right question to ask.  The question of heaven’s entrance fee has never been a matter of being good enough, because just how good is good enough?  How good do I need to be to earn the right to stand in the presence of an almighty God?  How many good deeds can a man do in a lifetime?  And what happens when he misses a few opportunities. If heaven’s gates were opened only to the deserving, what scales would be large enough to dispense just decision.

Rick Warren’s recent best seller The Purpose Driven Life is built on the premise that you were created by a loving God that wants to be intimately involved in your life, and that you were created a purpose.  We need only look across our own society to see evidence of this truth we would rather escape. Men and women are endlessly searching for purpose. We spend billions to go to outer space and the depths of the sea looking for evidence of life’s beginning, hoping to make a connection to man’s purpose in the universe. The answer to this driving desire isn’t on the ocean floor, or the surface of Mars. The answer is you were created for a purpose, one of which is personal fellowship with God.  And this leads back to the problem.  Sin, disobedience to God’s will, and putting your will ahead of His in your life separates you from the fellowship you were created to enjoy.  Like a hungry man peering into expensive restaurant which has locked all the doors, you know your need for purpose, but can’t get in unless someone unlocks the door.

Heaven’s entry fee has always been sinlessness, and that’s the problem.  Sin is the problem. God is not keeping track of how good you are, hoping you eventually make it over the bar. Rather God provided a way to deal with the problem of sin, and the way is through Jesus Christ.

While I am a man awash on a sea of my sinful selfish desires, Jesus Christ lived a sinless life.  While I am tempted, and often give into what I know I shouldn’t do, Jesus was tempted in every way like I am, yet never sinned.  When I have a life to offer to God, the best I can give is my own self righteousness, which looks more like dirty rags. Jesus was able to stand before god, sinless and say, “Father, I will give you my life in exchange for his.  Accept my sacrifice, my perfect life laid down and given in exchange for those who can’t live sinlessly.  I will be their substitute.” 

As a sinless substitute sacrifice, Jesus exchanged his life your mine, for yours.  He paid heaven’s entry fee, and was the only one who could. Now, entrance into an eternal life has changed a bit.  It is still not a question of how good you can be.  Today, Jesus stands at his Father’s right hand in heaven, and says to you. “Come to me, I am the way, the truth and the life.”  (Bible references related to this article: Isaiah 53.6, Ephesians 2.8-9, Hebrews 4.14-16, 1 Peter)

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