Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: 'God's Got a Plan'


In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says prayer has gotten him and his family through this recall effort and that God has it all under control.

“All this is just a temporary thing and God's got a plan for us," Walker tells us. Could that lead to even bigger things beyond being Governor of Wisconsin? “Who knows where it might be, beyond just serving as Governor of this state.”

The Brody File spoke with Gov. Walker at his executive residence in Madison, Wis., this past Sunday afternoon for about an hour. We are releasing a few of the video clips from the interview. More will be released on "The Brody File Show" later this week and a full story will air on "The 700 Club" in the next couple weeks.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File.

Watch his comments below with the full transcription.

Walker 2:

David Brody: Where does God fit into all of this, because as a "PK" (Preachers Kid) as you called yourself earlier, look, there's got to be peace there, at the root of all of this for you.

Gov. Scott Walker: Oh, absolutely. People ask all the time, to Tonette (his wife) and I, how do you get through this? It's just really prayer. It's the prayers that we have as a family, that we have individually, and the prayers that people tell us about. And those that we don't even hear about, but we feel people all around our state and really all around the country, that people go out of their way to lift us up, and it's just, it has been so amazing to us. And really as a family, I think it has made us stronger.

We realize that all this is just a temporary thing and God's got a plan for us that, who knows where it might be, beyond just serving as governor of this state. But if we stay true to that, there's always comfort. And God's grace is always abundant no matter what you do, and it's just every step of the way.

In fact our Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, she asked me about this the other day, she's just been spectacular as well. She asked me, she said, 'Scott, do you feel like you're living your faith strong enough?' She was asking me about this on a trip we were on. And I said, 'Yeah.'

The interesting thing is for me, it's not just about going out and quoting scripture, it's in how you live. And what I've tried to do over this past year is even at the moments of the peak of the attacks and the incivility and everything else, to make sure what I did was calm, it was reasoned, and that I was responding in kind.

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