President Trump and The Democrats

Donald Trump Official

Let’s go inside Donald Trump’s brain.  Liberals be nice…remember you’re the tolerant ones. You love everybody.

If you’re President Trump, it makes perfect sense to work with democrats. Republicans are giving you nothing. They can’t get their act together so why not go and look for, “deals” elsewhere? Trump isn’t a traditional republican (that may be the understatement of the year). He’s definitely not a traditional democrat so what is he? He’s a, “Trumpublican” or a, “Trumpocrat” or maybe even better yet, he’s a “Trumpmerican.” American First. Political parties are an afterthought to Trump. You see, here’s the advantage Trump has: he’s not beholden to one party. His base is made up of a myriad of different ideological factions. He has a bigger pool to swim in than republican presidents of the past. He can get away with making deals with democrats and not get punished for it like a traditional republican. 

Let’s not forget: Trump has long talked about a need for bipartisanship. Voters want to see him make deals with both sides because Trump’s prism and the prism of his base is, “America First.” For them, it’s not about putting the GOP first. It’s not about helping Mitch McConnell secure a GOP majority in the Senate. Blah. Blah. Blah. It’s about taking beltway politicians to the woodshed and mixing it up.  Trump’s no dummy: he understands he needs republicans to pass his agenda but there’s nothing like good ole’ fashioned scare tactics to get a few republicans to move in his direction. What does he have to lose anyhow at this point? You really think the GOP wants Trump and the democrats to keep cutting deal after deal? 

So how might evangelicals view Trump’s possible new penchant for cutting deals with democrats? They may not be thrilled with it at all but let’s be honest: if Trump continues to be their, “culture warrior” then it’s not going to kill them. Sure, they don’t like seeing Trump deal with, “Chuck and Nancy” but as long as he continues to be a president who remains steadfastly pro-life pushing traditional Judeo-Christian principles in the public square, he should be just fine.

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