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"They told us they might have to amputate his leg"

Melissa Verwey - 700 Club Producer
Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Kibuye, Burundi

When Willy wrecked his bicycle, he broke his leg badly. His parents rushed him to the closest hospital.  

His mother explained, “At the first hospital, no one was qualified. They told us they might have to amputate his leg. I would rather let my own leg be amputated than see my son without a leg.”

Willy said, “My leg hurt so bad. I prayed to God to take my pain away.”

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “Here in Burundi, if Willy was five years old or younger the government would pay for one hundred percent of his medical care, but because he is six it’s all out of pocket for his parents.” 

Then the family came to Kibuye Hope Hospital, which is supported by Operation Blessing. Some of the best doctors in the region work here. Instead of amputating his leg, doctors inserted a rod into the bone. Operation Blessing paid for the surgery.

“May God bless you for helping us,” said his mother. “It is truly a miracle.”

In a matter of just a few months, Willy fully recovered. 

Willy said, “My leg is strong again. I can walk, run, play, and even dance now. Thank you for fixing my leg. I feel so much better. May God bless you for what you have done for me.” 

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