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The real meaning of Christmas is the celebration of Christ Jesus’ birth. God sent His son to live a life of truth, love, and hope and to save us from our sins.

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Bible Teachings on Christmas

The four Gospels in the New Testament present four unique and yet complimentary pictures of Jesus.

It’s interesting that Jesus made a significant statement about His birth just before His death. During Jesus’ trial, Pilate asked about His identity...

Learn the true meaning of Christmas — straight from The Book.

During the Christmas season we often sing the classic hymn, 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel,' but have you ever thought about what this familiar song means...

Before Christ came 2,000 years ago, many people did not know of the hope of a coming savior. 

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Questions about Christmas

Ask anyone who celebrates Christmas where the Christ-child was born, and most will name Bethlehem. 

Without the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus, there would be no opportunity for us to go to Heaven.

Devotionals about Christmas

The season of Advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the coming of Christ. In a world constantly marked by waiting and seeking, we...

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a simple Christmas card, but it can actually be a form of ministry, not only to the ones we send them to—but...

God lives among us, walks with us daily, and desires the very same communion with us that He had with Adam and Eve before the fall. God never changes...

The search for the perfect Christmas gift cycles around every year. We have a particularly memorable Christmas gift moment.

It is natural to avoid painful experiences. It builds our faith to see God make something good out of them.

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Videos about Christmas

Best of 4 – The Moments that Encouraged Us

Best of 3 – The Moments that Changed Us

Best of 2 – The Stories That Inspired Us

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Articles on Christmas

Dr. Martin Luther King's niece is back, sharing some of her favorite holiday family recipes. 

Celebrate the Christmas season with Sheila's devotional, The Gifts of Christmas, an inspiration advent tour to bring back the sense of wonder,...

Author, speaker, and cold-case detective, J. Warner Wallace presents historical facts showing how God orchestrated a historic period of peace to set...

Doing right by our fellow man is more than an occasional, seasonal act. 

Christ’s birth was not a random event but was orchestrated by God for an exact moment in time.

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