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Leadership is a recognized gift under God's authority and direction. We are all called to be leaders and bring people to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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Bible Teachings on Leadership

One Bible story that always touches my heart and challenges my faith is about the Roman centurion coming to Jesus on behalf of his sick servant.

The Bible is water to our spirit, gives us energy, clears the mind, and satisfies our soul. The world offers many counterfeits to the wholeness...

Questions about Leadership

The Bible points out the root of problems amongst church members in James 4.

The world is desperate for Christian youth who know their stuff. What does your teenager know?

Sure, it’s the pastor, but there’s more to the answer.

Devotionals about Leadership

Have you ever seen a need and felt like someone should do something about it, so you tell the person in charge? Were you met with resistance or...

Can you imagine being just eight years old and being made king? That is exactly what happened to Josiah in 2 Chronicles. Through a journey of...

Jesus was always serving others. Throughout Scripture, we see stories of Jesus washing feet, healing the sick, teaching the disciples, and always...

For some of us, admitting any kind of need is difficult because we’re too invested in having it all together, or at least looking like it....

Saint Patrick was one of the greatest missionaries of all time, and his legacy is inspiring. His methods worked because they mirrored the Apostle...

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Videos about Leadership

Restored and Renewed – Prayer for Canada’s Identity

Restored and Renewed – Prayer for Canada’s Identity

Restored and Renewed – Prayer for Canada’s Identity

Restored and Renewed – Prayer for Canada’s Identity

Restored and Renewed – Prayer for Canada’s Identity

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Articles on Leadership

God looks at a person’s heart. He looked at Abraham’s heart and saw faith. Abraham loved the L and still made plenty of mistakes.

Actions of truth start with attitudes of truth -Kathy Carlton Willis

Truth Be Told: A Devotional Study on Truth

God is pleased when we pursue and speak truth.

When I pour out to others in the way God wants me to, it also replenishes my own reserve. -Kathy Carlton Willis

Discipleship Wisdom: A Devotional Study on Truth

Paul taught Timothy foundational truths that are still vital for us today.

In the Bible, Paul reveals a pattern fathers can follow to help their children live godly lives.

We don't have to have it all together to serve God. We just need this...

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