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CBN.com Program Director Chris Carpenter recently sat down with Bock, a research professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, to discuss how the New...

Angels, Deception and a Cry for Biblical Truth: Spiritual Life in God

The story of Esther is more than just an exciting event in Jewish history. It bears real relevance to modern Jewry through some striking parallels.

Noah's Ark had plenty of space to fit the animals, Noah's family, and all the provisions needed for a year-long journey.

Jesus' death was the fulfillment of the original Passover night. His blood not only saves the first born son's life, but every person who trusts in...

Pat Robertson: "I understand there are as many as 300 different prophetic Scriptures that point to Jesus, and it is a mathematical impossibility for...

All of the names of God are like looking at a diamond with its many facets. Each of these facets is a part of the diamond, but each one is not the...

Introduction from The C. S. Lewis BibleAs a liberally educated Oxford don and later Cambridge professor, C. S. Lewis was well aware of the fact that...

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is a feast that is generally mistaken for Passover. Passover however is only one 24 hour period while Feast of...

Letterman's got nothing on me. Well, except maybe several mansions, a wildly popular TV show, and interviewing the most interesting celebrities in...


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