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As Joshua approached the biggest battle of his life, he encountered God, fell in worship before him, and surrendered his plans. That surrender led to...

I’ve written this book for those who want to grow spiritually. Although based on my experience, my purpose is to help others when they face the...

Although we live in a physical realm, in bodies made of earthen material, we also inhabit a spiritual realm. In both of these realms, our growth and...

When you feel like you are being tested in your Christian walk because you are experiencing trials, take heart.

"You need the church more than the church needs you, " Scudder states. "Everybody has something to bring to the table."

Guest columnist Kevin Nuber writes on the victory of overcoming sin.

Let’s briefly examine the two aspects of Jesus’ prayer life that I believe contributed to this divine friendship between Jesus and the Father:...

His grace is the most powerful tool for change in our lives; we’re saved by grace, but we’re also transformed by grace. I accepted that God saved me...

There are certain basic moral truths that all of us really know, even if we pretend to ourselves that we don't. The murderer knows the wrong of...

The day that this passage encountered me, I had to say with all honesty, “No, I wouldn’t be willing.” I would find a way out of having to deal with...


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