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Devotionals on Faith

Circumstances that involve loss, unfair treatment, illness, or broken relationships are the wilderness places God uses to shape, refine, and carve...

Faith is the opposite of logic. In all the Bible stories where there was great faith, logic was disproved.

I went to the Bible to find comfort, and I found a lot of good men who had committed their lives to the Lord, getting beat up. I used them as...

Moses prays an amazing prayer in Exodus that should be ours today.

God is worthy of our trust and obedience. When we listen and follow his commands, we will be greatly blessed.

In the journey of life, there are moments that mark our growth and transformation, much like a child's first steps. Just as parents cherish the sight...

It is easy to live a life focused on pleasing others. However, this never satisfies. Often, we push pleasing God aside because of an incorrect view...

Even when we misinterpret a sign, God works through it. He is sovereign! This author witnessed God's provision through redirection and learned the...

Don't miss out on the life-changing experience of praising the Lord. Rejoice, sing, and shout His glorious name! Praise becomes a natural response to...

Whether you're seeking guidance on weathering life's storms or finding purpose in your projects, God's truths resonate across time, reminding us that...


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