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Devotionals on God

Every time I ventured out to feed my little herd of kitties, I’d get ambushed by a mob of bellowing hungry balls of fur. 

Questioning God may seem like a spiritually dangerous choice. In this devotional, we read about Zechariah, who questioned God and was made unable to...

Reflect on the turbulent '60s and '70s, a time of culture wars, political upheaval, and war. Amidst the uncertainty, people searched for meaning,...

We may not comprehend the why of God's instructions, but life tends to fare better when we give heed to them. Just as our parents loved and set...

How do you discover your divine destiny? Why is this vital? How do dreams, visions, and anointed words of blessing provide a blueprint?

Our lives should overflow with the Holy Spirit so much that we are infectious — spreading God’s presence wherever we go.

The promises of God are precious, and we count on Him to keep them. What promises have you made to Him?

Exodus 20:8 says we are to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. So, what does it mean to keep the day holy?

God is revealing Himself around the world to men, women, and children in various ways, including dreams and visions.

Obstacles are part of everyday life for everyone. Discover a way to shift your perspective on confronting and overcoming these obstacles by utilizing...


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