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Videos on Evil

Her father was a high priest for the devil. He used his daughter to breed babies for human sacrifice.

Gordon Robertson offers Biblical counsel on angelology and demonology.

An unholy presence was living in Julie’s house, and she had no idea that she was the one who brought it there.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Can people come back from the dead? Why is the virgin birth so important? Is witchcraft...

Jeff Harshbarger was only in the third grade when his parents bought an ouija board. It seemed like a lot of fun until he found out that it was no...

Pat Robertson talks with Bill Wiese, an ordinary man who experienced an extraordinary vision of hell.

What started out as innocent fascination with a Ouija board turned Tara’s life into a nightmare.

Her family was deep in a mysterious cult, until her brother took a stand and started Linda on the path to freedom.

They had unwelcome guests. A word of knowledge caused this haunted parsonage to be set free from demonic spirits.

Pat answers: I'm saved, but I still feel empty. Am I doing something wrong? Will I do greater things than Jesus? Can we have a closer relationship...


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