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Videos on Holy Spirit

David Henry was diagnosed with COVID-19 just short of his 25th marriage anniversary and daughter’s wedding, but on Easter weekend the doctors called...

See how the Holy Spirit moved throughout the Catholic Church and sparked a global revival from one college campus to 240 countries around the world.

Fueled by drugs, alcohol and the adrenaline rush of thrill seeking, Eric lived a wild life without experiencing negative consequences. It was not...

What doctor's thought was a simple headache has Loria Hubbard being rushed to the hospital. With her mother by her side, a direct word from God has...

Margaret Liu Collins is one of the top real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay area. But it was not always this way. In her book, “God is Good...

Coming on the heels of last week’s episode about water baptism, this week Gordon and Ashley talk about baptism of another kind—baptism of the Holy...

Brought up to defy the system, Raittia Roger found community in gang life. But after a robbery gone-wrong landed her with a stiff prison sentence,...

For Kelly, a pastor’s daughter, a tragic event in her teens left her running away from God and into the arms of an abusive boyfriend. When her father...

Malachi and Kaitlin explain what prophesy is and how we can recognize it.

Whether it has been miraculous healings or answers to life’s questions, audiences throughout the years have been touched by the 700 Club.


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