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Videos on Mercy

Sarah Armijo only knew fear and pain when it came to relationships since her childhood to early adolescence was filled with domestic and sexual abuse...

A near fatal car accident left Shane examining his life when he woke up behind bars. Watch how being introduced to God’s word and the choice to...

Karey Packard was enjoying a bite to eat with her daughter when she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Rushed to the hospital, doctors were not...

Debbie and her daughter were in their vehicle when a madman opened fire on the car in front of them. Turning his rage to them, he fired 10 bullets...

Josie encourages Alitheia to do nothing like King David rather than try to get revenge on her classmate.

Having been abandoned as a young child, Lowell’s search for love was thwarted by his anger and insecurity. His rebellion eventually led him to long...

Joanna felt like a disappointment which informed the way she lived her life. She spent years supporting her addiction through prostitution until she...

Josh and Sophia talk about the difference between justice and mercy.

Malachi and Josie talk about who gave Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. his dream.

Tom Rea and his entire family forgive the driver who struck and killed his sister and left the scene of the crime.


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