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Videos on Parenting

Feature Story: A porn addiction nearly destroys a young man. Also, Gordon and Terry pray for a mother whose son is an alcoholic.

He was a failure as a husband and a father. However, the birth of his son gave this musician a new life.

He was a wounded Marine at the brink of death. That’s when his mother went to war ...

Character - it's what we need to teach ourselves and our children if we want to be better parents, says Orlando Magic's Senior Vice President Pat...

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., can speak to women about abortion issues, because she has had two of her own.

He is a Super Bowl champion, singer, husband and father. But one title he holds above them all.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about how his relationship with God makes him a better father.

He’s a two-time heavyweight boxing champion. But George Foreman will be the first to tell you the most important title he’s ever held is “Dad.”

This mom mobilized a massive prayer chain when her son was shot for the third time in his young military career.

Pat answers: Should we play violent video games? What do I do if I fear the future? Can I be friends with a former flame?


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