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The Global Lane - EP515 - October 14, 2021

U.S. troops begin Iraq pullout, Christians fear future; USA unprepared for new onslaught of cyberattacks; Terror threat? FBI to investigate parents speaking out at school board meetings; New pill may provide effective Covid treatment at home.

The Global Lane - October 7, 2021

The Global Lane - October 7, 2021

The Global Lane - EP513 - September 30, 2021

Pressure to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria rising. Ominous warning from the Kurds; Del Rio disappearing act, but thousands more migrants coming; American anti-Semitism rising, threatening Jewish college students; Country music star sings for life.

The Global Lane - EP512 - September 23, 2021

Good news from the journalist facing prison time & threats for exposing Chinese espionage in Japan; Legal battles loom over federal vaccine mandate; Key to overcoming declining church membership; Elephant in the room that Joe Biden missed at the UN.

The Global Lane - EP511 - September 16, 2021

Turmoil rising in Iraq. Iran targets U.S. troops, ISIS poised for comeback; Resisting the vaccine mandate. Is religious exemption a red herring? Men quit U.S. colleges in record numbers; Do this before choosing vaccination or the unemployment line.

The Global Lane - EP510 - September 9, 2021

Emboldened by Taliban takeover, Iran on the move in the Middle East; 20-years after 9-11, is America a safer country? Another day of infamy for America, but with some positive outcomes; California in decline & why Gavin Newsom may survive the recall.

The Global Lane - EP509 - September 2, 2021

U.S. troops leave Afghanistan. Consequences for Israel & Middle East; Back home. Another battle for those who served in Afghanistan; Healthcare costs rising. Time for Great American Breakup? Left behind in Afghanistan. Anyone to be held accountable?

The Global Lane - EP508 - August 26, 2021

Desperate time of Taliban torment. Afghan Christians undercover, fleeing for their lives; Afghan females under siege. Who is speaking up for their rights? Stealing the election? Ballot envelope holes reveal voter choices in California recall.

The Global Lane - EP507 - August 19, 2021

How China is using two U.S. allies as backdoor to steal vital technology; Japanese journalist faces prison for exposing Chinese spying & theft of U.S. defense secrets; State audits of 2020 presidential election ballots. Big lie, or big steal?

The Global Lane - EP506 - August 12, 2021

Code red! New report says planet earth is rapidly warming & you're to blame; Sexual predators prey on children in their living rooms; Back to class & threat to child health bigger than Covid; Persecution in west rising, rays of light in Oregon & UK.

The Global Lane - EP505 - August 5, 2021

This Week: Best of The Global Lane: A new censorship threatens the foundation of the American republic; Is America a racist nation? Would reparations bring healing? Two differing views on race in the USA; Guilt & victimhood, the politics of race.

The Global Lane - EP504 - July 29, 2021

Was Mohammed a mythical prophet? Covid third wave in Myanmar, thousands are dying; Why a majority of Americans are now pessimistic about the country's future; Truth & justice? Why the January 6th Committee needs to investigate this one incident.

The Global Lane - EP503 - July 22, 2021

This Week: Global coalition pledges to expose China's malicious cyber activities; Leftists manipulate minority voters; Banning Christian Chick-fil-A from Catholic Notre Dame; Church snitch in UK. Reporting mask- less pastor who sang a hymn on Easter Sunday.

The Global Lane - EP502 - July 15, 2021

This Week: Cuban protestors take to streets, Christian leaders arrested; Kids trained to kill Jews at Gaza summer camp; Sharia USA. Judge orders Islamic law divorce for Texas woman; & the Ayatollah's agents endanger life of Iranian journalist in NYC.

The Global Lane - EP501 - July 8, 2021 BEST OF

Disturbing Global Parallels. America trending toward socialist state; “When Faith is Forbidden.” Global hotspots where Christians are persecuted; Climate change & threats of doom; Gender mutilation & changing the sex of children.

The Global Lane - EP452 - July 1, 2021

Troops withdraw from Afghanistan. Taliban resurgence? Darfur & religious liberty demands in Sudan; Masks mandates lifted, new Covid threat; Failing grades for civics & history in 20 states; Are you celebrating the 4th or turning your back on the USA?