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Finding Purpose During COVID Ordeal

Pomona, CA

“Scott was saying, ‘I think I need to go into emergency because I really can't breathe,'" says, Angie.

It had been a few days since Angie Biltonen and her husband Scott developed Covid-like symptoms in March 2020.

They weren’t concerned because the number of Covid deaths in the U.S. was still low. Even after Scott was admitted to the hospital with breathing problems, Angie figured he’d be home soon.

She says, “I thought they'll do the chest x-ray on him and he'll get the treatment he needs if he has pneumonia.”

Just two days later Scott tested positive for Covid-19. He sent Angie an alarming text.

Angie recalls, “It said, ‘They're saying that I'm not getting any better and they're going to have to move me to ICU and put me – most likely put me on a ventilator.'"

By now, Angie had also tested positive for the Coronavirus. Although exhausted from battling her own symptoms, Angie was more concerned about her husband, and she reached out to friends and family to pray for Scott.

Angie recalls, “To have friends come along and breathe the word of God into you, and just come prepared to these prayer meetings with scripture and words was just incredible.”

Over the next week, Scott continued to decline and was put in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. Angie called the hospital three times a day for updates.

She says, “And then I was placing an update on Facebook and giving a lot of details so that people would know what direction to pray and how to pray for him.”

On April 6th, 10 days after going into the hospital, Scott started to crash. The ventilator, that had been doing 60% of his breathing, was now doing 80%.

Angie recalls, “At that point, I kind of broke down. I really had to consider, the possibility that he might not make it.”

That same day Angie called the hospital and had a nurse put a phone to Scott’s ear. She prayed for him, played worship music for him, and told him she loved him.

She also put an update on Facebook and people immediately started praying and fasting for Scott.

Overnight, his ventilator numbers dropped to 55%. She recalls, “And then every day after that, there was improvement.”

By now Angie’s symptoms were gone. Scott kept improving and six days later he was taken off the ventilator and brought out of his coma.

Angie says, “I thought, okay, you know, he's gonna be okay.” As the sedation wore off, Scott regained his strength.

Angie and their three daughters were able to Facetime with him to encourage his progress.

She says, “I remember at one point thinking, 'Okay, that's my husband, he's back.'” They also told Scott about all the people praying for him.

Scott says, “I’ve had thoughts of like, you know, 'What has my life added up to? What have I done with it? Have I touched anybody? Have I made a difference in anybody's life?' And um, uh finding out that so many people went to bat for my wife and for me was-was greatly humbling.”

Then, on April 24th Scott was transferred to rehab where he continued to improve. Two weeks later Angie was able to be with her husband for the first time in 42 days.

Angie recalls, “When I walked over to him, he's – he forced himself up and he stood up. It was wonderful. I was so thankful to be able to hold my husband again.”

Scott recalls, “I wanted to show her I'm-I'm – I'm okay. I'm doing good. It-it's going to be okay. It was just a-a very emotional moment for both of us.”

The next day, May 8th, Scott was released to go home. A few days later, he was surprised by a drive-by parade celebrating his recovery.

Although he has a few lingering issues that he controls with diet and exercise, Scott says he’s doing well and enjoys time with his family again.  

Scott and Angie know God was with them through it all and has a purpose for their ordeal.

Angie says, “It was ultimately to be able to minister to others, to serve others, to love others and to be a support.”

Scott believes, “If the story helps someone that is struggling or has gone through the same thing then and just God using it for His glory, for His benefit to drawing people back to Him, renewing their faith, if it's faded, um that's what I see God using this for. God does answer prayer and God is a God of miracles.”

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