Praying For Breakthrough In America

Alice has carried a deep burden for the destiny of the United States for many years. Recently she sensed the Holy Spirit confirm several things. “Just as Martin Luther King had a vision to see equality for all men, ‘I Have a Dream’ that the church in America will return to the original covenants that set this nation apart from others,” says Alice.  She reminds us that God is a God of covenant. “God doesn’t take back his covenants. We can see His purposes for ‘a city set on a hill’ restored,” she says.  Alice says she has a dream that we as a country will repent of our ways and be desperate for God again.

She reminds us about our history where God sent the French Protestant Huguenots to Florida to preach the Gospel in 1565 and all lost their lives at the hands of Spanish rulers.  God then sent the Puritans to Jamestown in 1607 with the only minister on board who was Rev. Robert Hunt.  Rev. Hunt’s first sermon aboard the ship was directed at calling idle gentlemen to repentance. “Whereas most of the journeyers on the expeditions to this new land were more interested in gold and glory, Rev. Hunt was interested in his kingdom assignments. He insisted on mandatory Sunday services at which one of his statements during Communion summed his thoughts,” says Alice. Records show his humility won many to Christ.

Alice says the Separatists (Pilgrims) came to Plymouth in 1620 through prophetic visions, deep prayer and revelations. The prophetic words they heard from God were to come to this new land, stay in total submission to the Lord, be quick to repent, and to serve the Native Americans. This position of the Pilgrims saved them and established a loving community with the native people.

Alice says, “prayer and prophecy bring breakthrough.” She says, “ I have a dream that we will discern the appointed time.  It’s not time to fight and be divided. It’s time to repent, humble ourselves before the Lord and serve one another,” says Alice.  She reminds us of Romans 2:4, “The goodness of God leads us to repentance.”  The Church has lost the original reasons they prospered. Repentance, humility and service to God and others. “I hunger for us to see our time has come to get back to these things,” she says. “I have a dream that we will persevere and not give up.”

She says the devil has much of the Church focused on judging, condemning, and admonishing one another. “May it be denominations, political parties, social beliefs or racial division? This is exactly what the devil wants,” she says.

She believes the only power that will help us persevere is the power of God, not our own opinions.  “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power” (1 Corinthians 4:20).  Alice says having faith isn’t a leap into the dark.  “It’s a step into the light,” she says.  “I have a dream that the church will celebrate the victory before we see it.”  She reminds us of the scripture in Hebrews 11:1-2, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. By it (faith) the elders received a good report.”  She says her husband, Eddie, always says, “Anyone can celebrate the score after the points have been made. God wants us to celebrate the victory before we see the evidence.”

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Co-Founder/Executive Director, US Prayer Center, Houston, TX, networks with prayer ministries

Author of numerous books

Co-author with Eddie, their latest: Prophetic Integrity, 2015

Member America’s National Prayer Committee, the International Prayer Council and International Strategic Prayer Network, Mission America Coalition, etc.

Husband: Eddie


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