Getting Free From Financial Anxiety

When Tom and Corrine Denegre married in 2007, they looked to their future with anticipation, and uncertainty; because just a month before their wedding Tom was laid off from his job in magazine sales.
“There was about a year and a half where there was zero income coming in and that was a struggle,” Tom recalls. “It drained a lot of money. It hurt.”
What made it more frustrating was that Corrine, a Canadian couldn’t take a job, because her U.S. citizenship hadn’t been finalized. But the couple found encouragement watching the 700 Club.
“We needed to hear positive things and we needed to know that God is at work even when it looks like things are very down,” Corrine said.

Despite living off their savings, they decided to become CBN partners.
“I believe in CBN,” says Tom. “I trust them taking the money out. And then I trust them to put it to good use, to do the Lord’s work. They do all of that.”
For months Tom couldn’t find steady work, and grew frustrated as their savings dwindled.

“I was living in fear. I was living in anxiety. In fact, anxiety was my normal,” says Tom.  “We watched every nickel and dime we spent. We cut down everything that was not necessary.”
Finally he told Corrine they needed to stop giving.

“That’s it! We gotta tighten everything up. Cut all lose corners, cut all the costs, cut everything down to bare bones…including CBN. Including everything!”
Corrine says “Right away I went into prayer because that’s what I know to do, is to pray and to say, ‘God, work in Tom’s heart, let him know that You are our provider and that when we give, You can intervene and be a part in this.’”
That same day, Tom says he had a change of heart. First he surrendered his financial situation to God. Then, instead of cutting out their giving, he decided they needed to give more and went online to increase his pledge to CBN.

“It was a major commitment when I hit that button,” Tom recalls. “Because I know every month $100 is being taken out. It’s committed, it’s done. But there was a shift going on, there was a wonderful shift that goes on, because I went from being desperate and wanting to take money. Now I became empowered. Even though I was still in the same situation, I was empowered to give. I was now a giver.”

“I was like, ‘Yes God!’ When he said, ‘let’s give, let’s give more to the 700 Club,’ I was like, ‘yes,’” recalls Corrine.
Tom says God then opened the door for a new career as a business analyst. It started when he discovered a free college course online. He took the course and landed a great paying job that turned out to be a perfect fit.

“As I staring getting into the job, all my skills, all my job experience, they all dove tailed into this job,” Tom said. “I never thought in my life that this would ever happen.”

In just a few months Tom received three promotions with pay raises. Tom and Corrine say their decision to trust God through giving opened the door to the blessings they have today.

“There is only one reason and that’s because I surrendered it to God.” says Tom, “I’m a steward. And I look back at that turning point is that when I put my hand to give that $100; it was an act of faith.  Just by that simple act of faith, God has just favored us so much.”

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