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Through Cancer, Bankruptcy and Divorce—to Success!

Lisa shares, “When I see that person that comes to me, whether it’s a mother with children and she's rented all her life and I can take her from a state of renting to a state of buying, that makes me happy.”

Lisa Quinones had much success as a partner in a real estate firm.  She believes that even though she worked hard, her success really came through giving obediently to God.   

Lisa says, “If we trust God with what God gives us and we become good stewards of what He gives us, yes, God adds to that.  It's just a law.  It's the law of giving.  It's the law of sowing and reaping.”

Lisa would also learn the importance of giving during tough times. When the housing market crashed in 2008, Lisa could only watch as everything she had built quickly slipped away.

Lisa remembers, “I cried and said, ‘God, what can I do?’ And I just basically said, ‘Lord, all I can do is take one day at a time.’”

She  lost her business, her home and eventually declared bankruptcy. Lisa says, “For a moment I felt like, ‘Okay, I done lost it all.’”

Lisa worked as a waitress and a long string of other odd jobs. It was a struggle to pay rent and put food on the table. She recalls, “It was very humbling for me. And I remember coming home and crying and say, ‘Lord, how long do I have to hold on to do this?  Where is there an open door?  Show me what to do.’”

Eventually she went on unemployment. All this time, she kept tithing, even from her unemployment checks.

Lisa shares, “And I would take that money and I'd say, ‘Ok, Lord, this is all I have.’ But you know what?  It belongs to you anyway.”

Lisa says as she looked for work over the next year she kept giving and God always provided. Then one day, she applied for a position as a college recruiter.

Lisa recalls, “I didn’t even have an interview.  He just says, ‘The job is yours.’  And I just looked at him and I said, ‘Thank you, God.’”

A year later Lisa returned to real estate as a property manager. She married Luis in 2014.  As her income increased, she decided to give to CBN as a 1000 club member.

Lisa shares, “I love the fact that they go out and feed children all over the world.  I love that their news is not negative, it's positive. They're bringing hope.”

Just a month after becoming a CBN partner, Lisa accepted a job where she could work as a property manager, and a realtor, with a significant pay increase. She knows that giving is the key to financial success.

Lisa says, ‘Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.’”

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