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When Life Hands You Financial Hurdles

Lupe and her husband Bob were married for nearly 40 years. After Bob passed away in 2010, Lupe faced some major financial hurdles.

“It’s so surreal, when you lose your partner of almost 40 years,” says Lupe. “And your security blanket is just removed.”

Lupe had quit her job to take care of her husband, but now she couldn’t find work. She couldn’t afford to live in their condo, and she also couldn’t sell it. She had to sell her furniture to make ends meet.

“I cancelled the cable. I turned the lights down, so the electric bill wouldn’t be high. I just know there was so many things to pay because i had mortgages and taxes and insurance. I had a battle in front of me. And so the only way I know how to battle is to go forward and press on with the things of God.”

Those “things of God” included tithing to their church for decades, and supporting The 700 Club. After Bob’s death, Lupe continued to stand strong in her faith.

“Because I knew that seeking the kingdom of God first is really what was on my priority and He was going to take care of me. I knew that.”

Lupe kept giving to her church, and in March of 2011, she also increased her giving to CBN.

“And I just continued to trust Him. It was my test of faith to walk through it.”

Just two months after she made that pledge to CBN, she finally found a buyer for her condo. Even before the sale closed, Lupe took another step of faith.

“And I decided to plant a seed of $1,000 for the kingdom of God. And I said, ‘This is victory for me. The enemy’s not going to win.’ So I planted a seed of $1,000. And the short sale happened. The buyers came in two weeks later and they spoke with me and they said, ‘We know you have two storage units in the building.’ And they offered me $10,000 cash for that, the storage units.”

The following year, Lupe got a brand new job.

“Today I am financially free. I owe no one. I have just what i need. Sold what i didn’t need. It’s just a blessing to live and not owe anyone anything.”

Every morning, Lupe still watches The 700 Club.

“I love the testimonies. It’s very inspiring to me and during my challenging times, I would watch and I would call in for prayer. It’s been very supportive to me and very inspirational. I know in Matthew 6:33 it says, ‘Seek the kingdom of God first and all things will be added.’ And that is my philosophy, to seek the kingdom of God first because he’s going to add everything else that you need.”

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