Scared to Live In a House On Stilts

Every day of his life, especially during storms, 8-year-old Antony wondered if his house would collapse again.  It had already happened once before.

“My house fell down and I was so scared,” recalled Antony.  “We were inside when the whole house fell off the sticks (stilts) it was built on.        

“We tried to get out but the house was swinging like a hammock!,” added Sandra his mother.  “I threw myself over my kids.  But we still got struck with boards and nails.”  

Then Antony’s house collapsed a second time.  Sandra wanted to find another place for them to live but with the few dollars she makes selling vegetables in front of their house, she barely had enough to buy food for them to eat.

So Operation Blessing built the family a new, sturdy house with a pitched metal roof.  

“My house is safe now and there are no gaps in the walls or roof!” said Sandra. “The wind doesn’t come in and we feel very safe inside.”

Next there would be no more sleeping on mats on the floor, because we also gave the children their own beds: the very first that they’d ever had!  

Finally, to help Sandra support her family we expanded her vegetable business and gave fish to sell.  That little investment has tripled her income!

“Now I can pay for their school fees and uniforms and other things we need,” said Sandra.

“Thank you Operation Blessing for my new house and new bed!” added Anthony with a smile.

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