Blind Farmer Receives Free Operation

Gabriel gradually went blind from juvenile cataracts by the time he turned 11.  He woke up one morning –and saw nothing but a blur of light.  

“I couldn’t see people coming towards me,” recalls Gabriel.  “I couldn’t find my slippers, even though they were right in front of me.”

Gabriel had been a good student and especially enjoyed the time he spent taking lunch to his dad in the corn field.  Blindness robbed him of even these simple tasks.  

“I miss doing homework,” he said with emotion.  “I miss playing outside.  I cry because I can’t ride my bike anymore.  If I could ride my bike, I would be with my dad. It's awful to have these things [cataracts] in my eyes.  I can’t do anything because of them.”

Gabriel’s younger brother Daniel, 8, helps Gabriel to get around.    

“I cried when I saw Gabriel get so sad,” said Daniel.  It´s so hard for him now that he cannot see.”

A doctor told Gabriel’s parents that he needed a simple operation, but as a farmers there was no money extra money for that.     

So Operation Blessing took Gabriel to an ophthalmologist and arranged for him to have free surgery.   

“I am happy because I am having surgery tomorrow and I will see again,” he told us the day before the first operation.

Doctors performed two separate surgeries, one month apart.  Both operations were a success, and today, Gabriel has 20/20 vision.    

“When I get up in the morning, I see the sun and the clouds.  I can see cars and busses passing by!” said Gabriel gleefully.  “And I can see my slippers!”

“Now that I can see I can ride my bike with Daniel.  I lost hope when I was blind, but the surgery brought me back to life!”

Gabriel has now returned to school,  but the thing that makes him the happiest, is going to help his father in the fields.  

“Thanks Operation Blessing because the surgery helped me to see again,” he said. 

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