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Your Generosity Made All the Difference in Peruvian Community

Belen is the poorest district of Iquitos, Peru. Families live in extreme poverty and disease. Many don’t have access to medical care. But Operation Blessing is here to help.  We recently started holding medical clinics at the school, and seeing patients and providing counseling and medicine at no cost to them.

As CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, traveled the flooded streets of Belen by boat, he said, “During the dry season, this is a dirt road. During the rainy season, kids are swimming in the street. The river rises about twenty feet. So, when we want to get out to the medical clinic, the Operation Blessing team has to go by boat.”

The help we’re providing is desperately needed.  Hernan was hit by a motorcycle and couldn’t walk.  When we heard about him, a team from Operation Blessing went to his home, brought him in by boat, and carried him into the clinic.  He got the medicine and treatment he needed, and we got him back home.  Mothers like Celina brought their kids in. Her children suffered with respiratory problems, and Celina herself struggled with anemia. They received vitamins and much needed medication.  Outside the consultation rooms, we taught families about good hygiene, and its importance for preventing disease.  Thanks to our partners, Operation Blessing is able to care for the medical needs of many here in Belen.  It wouldn’t be possible without financial support from people like you.  For the help they’ve received, the families of Belen are grateful.


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