Rock n’ Roll Sax Man Gets a New Gig

Dennis Marcellino has quite the resume. In the 1970s, he played sax for such bands as Sly and the Family Stone, Elvin Bishop, and others. He became a Christian in 1983 and began attending church, where he first learned about tithing. “I read the Bible and I want to do everything the Bible says to do,” Dennis claims. “In Matthew 25: 40-46, they say to Jesus, ‘When did we see you naked?’  and ‘When did we see you hungry?’ And He says, ‘When you did it to the least of these, you did it to me.’”
Dennis took a hiatus from the music industry, and downscaled his lifestyle, as he pondered his next career move. “All I had was this tiny TV on the floor and a sleeping bag,” he says. “That’s all I had with this new apartment.”
Although he was barely getting by working odd jobs, he started tithing to his church. He also began to trust God with his finances. “Gigs just started coming,” he says. “Then I became an agent, and I started booking people.”
He later became a fan of The 700 Club and started giving to CBN. “Here I am watching this thing and I realize they need money to keep going. It’s not like the commercial stations,” Dennis says. “So I figured ‘I have to do this. That’s it. I just have to do it.’”
He continued to give, and says God provided. “I became the number one DJ up here (in Oregon) for weddings and for corporate events,” he says. He also became a Christian author and speaker and founded Dennis Marcellino ministries.

He still loves playing his sax--and giving to CBN. “The reason why I support CBN, Orphan’s Promise, is I am in the Kingdom of God now. I’m not in the world anymore,” Dennis says. “There’s a lot of things that go on in the Kingdom of God, and people who are in the Kingdom of God who are helping other people. So that is where I have to put my support.”
When it comes to giving, Dennis has a word of advice to people who may be hesitant to tithe. “They are just missing the big picture,” he says. “The big picture is that it’s really all God’s, and we are just blessed to be able to have it.”

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