Beating a Recession by Giving Away More

Alan and Julie Coleman have tithed faithfully their entire marriage, which has been over 30 years now.

For them, it’s about being obedient to God.

Alan says, “No matter what, I tithe. It’s been consistent.  What I bring in, it’s off the gross, 10%, boom!”

As a freight broker, Alan helps his customers find trucks to move their cargo.

Even during the recession of 2008, Alan kept on trucking…

He says, “When my business really took a dive because of the market, we actually were still meeting every need. I never had to give up on our tithes and offerings. Every need was met. And we still feel it was because we tithed.”

They started watching The 700 Club in the 90s, and became partners.

Julie says, “When I see on CBN, about them drilling wells in other countries, it just really warms my heart. Because I realize that people need water. It really bothers me to see them having to go and get water out of a pond or a hole in the ground.”

Alan and Julie teamed up with Operation Blessing and sponsored a well in India, and another one in the Philippines.

Alan says, “I’m just so amazed with, for so little amount of how much we can help a whole entire family. We just watched last night one where they just brought a barbeque out so she could make tortillas. And her son can now go back to school instead of babysitting. And just for a few dollars.”

Today, they still support the work of CBN and Operation Blessing.
Julie says, “You can’t out-give God. You just see so many blessings.”

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