One Step at a Time to Abundant Finances

Bruce and Sharon are the owners of the BG Construction company.  They started more than 30-years ago doing small residential jobs.

“The first job that we ever had as BG Construction, it was only a $250 job,” says Bruce.

Business was slow and soon, the couple was in debt.

“Bruce and I were both young and we had children,” says Sharon.  “And it was week-to-week to pay our bills, you know, to buy groceries.”

“I probably worried some then,” says Bruce.  “And all I knew was there were seven days in a week, 24-hours in a day, and I had to work because I had three daughters at the time, and we had to make it happen.”

Despite the hard times, they put God first in their giving.

“Sharon and I just always gave.  Whatever we had in the week, we gave some of that, and God just continued to bless us and it began to grow,” says Bruce.  “We went to $1,000 jobs, $5,000 jobs.  And they kept getting bigger and bigger.”

Their business continued to thrive.  But in 1994, they found themselves worrying about money again after they lost out on a lucrative contract bid.

“Then I just started getting sick because I knew all the responsibilities that I had,” says Bruce.  “And then I started fussing at God, you know.  I was like, ‘God, we should have got that thing.  You know we did this and this and this. And then God just spoke to me just like that and he said, you need to realize that I’m your source, not all these contractors that you bid to’.  And that's when this peace just came over me.”

“We knew that God had just removed that striving that, you know, it's up to us to make it happen, but he was going to bring us through,” says Sharon.

Two weeks later, Bruce got a call and was offered a subcontractor job.  That one job was more than meet his business needs for the next three years.

According to Bruce, “The more we were blessed, the more we gave.”

The couple increased their giving over the years.  And as a result, they says God has continued to increase their business.  One of the ministries they support is CBN.

“They go overseas with all the stuff that they do, and it’s an outreach that I can't go do personally, but I can help finance for other people to go,” says Sharon.

Today, they are debt free.  They encourage others to trust God and give as well.

“I would tell people that he hasn't done anything for Sharon and I that he can't do for them,” says Bruce. “But you've got to be willing to step out on faith, you've got to trust him, and you've got to sow seed.”

If you just start with a small amount and start giving, you'll see how it changes your life,” says Sharon.

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