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Regent University Commencement 2018

It was a perfect spring morning as Regent University’s class of 2018 proceeded to their graduation ceremony. 

Regent’s 39th graduating class is its largest yet – 1900 strong from ten graduate and undergraduate programs. The keynote speaker was world-renowned cardiologist, author, and lecturer, Dr. Chauncey Crandall.

“You are different, you are special, set apart from the world and different than what the world can offer. You will be recognized as the reliable one, the honest one, the non-rebellious one, and as a supportive individual. You possess now something of great value, something that the world needs, and what the world needs is Jesus Christ today.” 

Known for Christian vision and excellence, Regent offers 129 online and on-campus fields of study. Regent draws students from 70 countries, and has 21,000 alumni. This year’s commencement included Regent’s first graduates of several new programs: Cybersecurity, Nursing, and Healthcare Management. 

Terri Smith, an outstanding student of the School of Education, addressed her fellow graduates:

“Regent prepared us to be academically successful and socially relevant. But it is God who trusts us to choose the excellence we define, the innovation we expect, and the integrity of a wholesome life.” 

Founder and Chancellor, Dr. Pat Robertson, gave this charge to the graduates: 

“The Lord’s charge to you is ‘Fear not. Do not be afraid.’ The future is wonderful, because God is the future. The God who loves you is the future.“ 

Finally -- the moment they’d waited years for …

Dr. Robertson:  “You can flip your tassels! Yay!”

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