Her Picture Perfect Marriage Wasn't What It Seemed

“I found my worth, my value, and my identity in my husband. I was totally wrapped up in the world that I created for myself.”  A blushing bride at age 21, Amy Howard did everything she could to create a ‘picture perfect’ marriage.  

“My husband was a pilot and he was gone a lot. I was a stay-at-home mom. My focus was my home and my husband and my children’s needs being met, and serving. We were very involved in church.”  But no matter how hard she tried, the marriage didn’t meet her expectations.  

“There was no really joy. We were having arguments and it was usually based around financial issues. And he was gone a lot because he was flying. And I was having to learn how to be able to budget and it was–it was difficult.”

For nine years they struggled to navigate life as a couple.  Then not long after Amy’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to leave their marriage.

“I remember my youngest daughter was sitting on the stoop in the garage and he left to go run some errands. And he never came home. A couple of days later he called me and he said, ‘I know you’re looking for me and you’re wondering where I am but mowing the yard and taking out the garbage is just not my gig.’  When my husband left I had no value and no worth. I was like used goods. I didn’t feel that I had anything to offer anymore.”

One night, Amy realized why the plans she laid out failed.  “It was all about me, it was all about my plans, it was all about my control. I wasn’t really seeking God’s face.  I was so incredibly broken in that moment.  I said, Lord, I need you. I had to repent of my pride. I had to repent of the idolization of my marriage. I had to repent of control.  I said, Lord, You’ve got me. I’m Yours.”  Amy began to understand that her identity and worth came from Christ.

“There was a newfound joy and an excitement that I was on an adventure with God. It wasn’t about me having control anymore. I knew that He had me. And I knew that He had a plan for my life.”

Shortly after, she discovered a talent and passion for restoring and designing furniture. She earned a business degree and launched her company, Amy Howard at Home.  Along the way she met and married Gene, who works by her side.   

Her unique furniture pieces have caught the eye of presidents and celebrity shoppers.  Today, Amy’s line of do-it-yourself furniture finishing products are available at Ace Hardware and boutiques in 5 counties. But for Amy, her work is more than just a business.

“Part of my mission and my story now is rescuing and restoring broken things. And I realize how God’s done it in my own life.  When I see a piece of furniture on the side of the road, I see what color it should be in, I see the room that it could be in, and I realized in that same way that’s how God saw me. He didn’t see me in my sin. He didn’t see me wanting control over my life. He saw me 100% restored.”

At her workshops, she often shares her testimony while teaching people how to transform their own furniture with Amy Howard products.

Nowadays, Amy is a fulfilled wife, mother and entrepreneur but she says most importantly her identity is defined as a woman who depends on God.

“Everyday is an adventure. Everyday is not perfect. There are struggles in my life everyday. But the joy that I have, the confidence that I have, the sweetness of walking with my Savior every day, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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