Young Dancer Shares Her True Passion

10-year-old Helimay (pronounced: (elly-MAY’) is passionate about dancing and spends hours a week practicing.   

“I would love to be a dance teacher one day!” she told CBN.   

But as much as she loves dancing, Helimay is even more passionate about helping kids to know Jesus through Superbook. She told us about her friend Genesis.

“We watched the story of the Good Samaritan,” she said, “And Genesis loved it! She told me she felt the love of God and that she wanted to come to church again!”

A few weeks later Genesis prayed to become a Christian.

“I received Jesus into my heart through Superbook and I felt God’s joy and his love for me,” said Genesis.

Helimay has invited other kids to watch Superbook too.

“I remember one morning my mom and I went to pick up some kids that wanted to see Superbook,” recalled the young evangelist. “Our teacher prayed afterwards and all of the children received Jesus as their Savior!”  

But Helimay says her job is just beginning and Superbook is helping her to do it.

“Jesus wants all the children in the world to know Him and follow Him,” she said. “I am very grateful for Superbook.”

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