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NFL's Last Draw Pick Sees His Blessing

As the 259th NFL draft pick for 2021, “Mr. Irrelevant," Grant Stuard, is anything but irrelevant as he shares the enormous challenges he was forced to overcome as a child, to the perseverance and cool frame of mind he needed to stay at the top of his game. Watch how faith played a key role in who and where he is today.


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A tribute to a legend. The 700 Club remembers the incredible life and legacy of Pat Robertson, a man who made history on the air and off.

Pat Robertson, longtime TV host, religious broadcaster, educator, humanitarian, and one-time presidential candidate died at his home in Virginia...

A woman suffers for years with severe shoulder pain including numbness and tingling. After she feels a snap, things go from bad to worse until she...

Author Victoria Riollano equips mothers with the tools for raising children of faith while fueling their own spiritual gas tank. Plus, it could be...


The 700 Club continues to honor the man who followed the call of God. Join as we celebrate the life of Pat Robertson.

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