Bringing God to High Schools

Brian’s parents divorced when he was 10 in 2001 and grew angry and depressed.  By the time he was 15, Brian was a self-proclaimed atheist. His grandma talked to Brian about Jesus. “There was no way God could be real,” he thought.  In 2005, Brian was broken and confused but hoped there was more to life.  His life was radically changed when he went to church with a family friend in 2007.  “I was totally disengaged from the presence of God,” says Brian.  “Yet God was in hot pursuit of my heart.”  Suddenly, Brian felt the supernatural power of God sweep over him.  “The chains I carried spiritually began to break off me – chains of depression, suicide, bitterness, resentment, anger and lust,” he says.  He started weeping uncontrollably.  “I couldn’t see the freedom I was experiencing, but I could feel it in my heart.” Two years later, Brian, then 18, went to a youth gathering in Santa Cruz. The day after the conference, Brian felt the Lord say to him, I want to release a movement that will save the high schools of America.  He felt overwhelmed at what God was asking him to do. The rest of the summer, Brian contemplated how he would start. Brian prayed and fasted as the first day of school approached and grew nervous. After speaking to the teacher who headed up the Elk Grove high school Bible club, Brian got permission to speak there twice a week. He had no training, no resources and no experience. Just raw passion and obedience.   

The meeting started with three people who ended up in tears after Brian shared his story.  Word spread and soon the classroom was full.  Suddenly lives began to change. Teens from every background were healed of suicidal thoughts, the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, identity crises and much more. Hearts were saved. Entire families were healed.  The club numbers grew, and soon other schools joined in. Now called The Jesus Club, Brian responded to God’s call with one simple act of obedience, and thousands of teens were, and still are, letting Jesus heal their lives.  After two months, Brian started sharing at the club twice a week!  God was doing amazing work when Brian organized a Jesus rally in the school theater! They passed out thousands of flyers and prayed.  Two hundred students filled the seats and accepted the Lord.  “I was beginning to understand that the real issue 4 months later on April 20 (known as “National Pot Smoking Day”) and six hundred students gathering in the gym and committed their lives to Jesus.  That high school was never the same after that.  “Little did I know that this would be the start of a new mission movement in America,” says Brian.  The next year, Brian went to a different high school and started Jesus clubs and rallies.  Week after week, hundreds of students came and responded to the Gospel.  “My eyes were now fixed on the high school campuses of my city, and nothing could change my faith in believing that Jesus would save those students,” says Brian.

By 2010, Brian was speaking on six high school campuses.  Jesus Clubs were running three to five hundred on different campuses.  In 2013, Brian organized One Voice Student MIssions all over California and today thousands of students meet in Jesus Clubs in high schools across California every week.  As of last year, they averaged 10,000 students weekly.  One Voice is more than a movement or a ministry, it’s a message. “This message is simple,” says Brian. “God is not done with the high schools of America. Every message needs a messenger, and that is our assignment.” Their community is composed of people from different nations, backgrounds, churches, and ministries. Together, they labor to reach students and campuses across America, and soon the world, with the Good News of Jesus. Brian says they have been called by God to save the lost and awaken the Church to the reality of the mission field that lies before her. “We are missionaries to students. We are missionaries to campuses. We are messengers to the nations of the world,” he says.

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Founder of One Voice Student Missions

Author: The Jesus Club (Baker, 2017)

Married: Marcela

One daughter



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