Changing Nations and Hearts for God

Shaneen has had many opportunities to travel across Europe to speak to Governments in England, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Romania and Spain.  She will be speaking in the Italian congress soon.  She believes that in Europe there are increasing concerns about the rise of nationalism and the fragmentation of post-war structures such as Brexit, Catalonia, and Spain. The leaders are losing grip and there is a restlessness for something else.  She found that the people are so very hungry to see the supernatural power of God, but sadly many of the leaders have adopted the populist line and frankly have not stood up for their Christian principles. Church leaders who are in office are afraid to offer Christian-based solutions therefore leading to zero voice. The moral compass has been lost. Their laws are being drafted on the basis of political correctness. They are not in good shape emotionally, mentally or spiritually. 

Shaneen believes that the supernatural power of God is the real source for changing hearts. The recent events of pure evil in Las Vegas, London, Paris and Barcelona and even 9/11 have not awakened people nor brought them to God.  However she has witnessed life transformation, miracles, and healing through the supernatural power of God and believes that it’s the only way to see the changing of our nations. She urges people to pray that God will change our nations through our leaders because spiritual revival starts inside and spreads.
Shaneen believes in America there is, with President Trump, a last chance.  She believes that Trump is God’s man but at this point not necessarily a man of God.  “Trump has allowed  Christian leaders into the White House and as long as their own motives are genuine, the President will respect them,” she says.  “Trump is no fool and in the last 10 months, he has suddenly woken up to the great responsibility he has. Now, more than ever, he needs people around him who he can trust and not those looking to promote their own agenda.”  Equally Shaneen says they need his loyalty.  “Trump is going to be in a position where he is totally reliant on God and we’ll see the Almighty move,” she believes.  Shaneen senses that God will surprise President Trump in the coming times when even he realizes that he needs God and without Him he is lost.

Shaneen thinks that Trump brought in a completely different style of leadership -- a business rather than a political model. Very few of his plans have materialized due to the politicians that oppose him.  If Trump can build bridges and not walls, regularize the dreamers within the American dream and get on with the American infrastructure plan, getting people back to work in America, he will become a great president. Shaneen believes God is with him on God's terms, not his, but he is certainly an instrument in God's hands and his coming to power was indeed a miracle. She also believes that the President Trump we see today will be moved on by God, that Americans will see a transformed president as God moves on his governance in a miraculous way.

Shaneen and her husband, Martin, remain members of their local church and serve there which is their foundation. She has allied herself to other ministries to help learn more.  She is Patron to Hope Gardens in India and her second book will shortly be published.  She hopes that by God’s will, she will continue to be used by Him.  She is led in what she does and she waits for the Holy Spirit to guide. Doors are opening into government, and she is planning to reach others to equip and empower leaders more efficiently and to see the authentic supernatural power of God manifest in this generation. She believes that we are in difficult dangerous and uncertain times from all fronts and we all need good leaders and wise counsel. For that she said she has the great Counsellor and good Shepherd. Who needs anything else?

Shaneen was born in London and is from a Hindu Punjabi background.  Her father was in the East Indian Army and lived in London.  Though her parents did not formally accept Jesus as their Savior until Shaneen was older, they sent her to Sunday school and gave her a Christian-based education.  At the age of 14, Shaneen was engaged to marry an Indian man.  Her parents arranged a marriage; because they were afraid Shaneen would become unruly and marry a white, English man.  As a result of the upcoming arranged marriage, she became suicidal and overdosed on pills.   About that time, one of Shaneen’s uncles asked her father if she could attend an Elim Christian Camp Conference.  She gave her heart to Jesus at this meeting, and she hoped He would release her from the arranged marriage, and He did!  She began to evangelize in her neighborhood, which led to her family getting saved.  Shaneen also joined a local Assemblies of God church.  Her pastor gave her the book Daughter of Destiny, about American evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman.  This book inspired her to pray for a heaven-sent anointing on her life.  Hungry to understand more about God and the Holy Spirit, she read more books by great men and women of the Christian faith, such as A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth.  Her heart for the lost began to grow.  Soon her parents allowed her to have weekly prayer meetings at their house, where many young people found Christ as their personal Savior.  News spread at her church about the meetings and adults wanted to attend too.  Her passion to serve the Lord grew.  Sixteen-year-old Shaneen was invited to speak at an evening service.  The title of her message was “Dare to be Great,” which was a teaching about David and Goliath.  During this time of spiritual growth, Shaneen hoped to enroll in a Bible college.  However, her parents encouraged her to marry a deacon of the church when she was seventeen.  Early in the marriage, Shaneen found herself in an abusive situation.  She stayed in her marriage for almost ten years and had two children.  After her marriage ended, she took a break from ministry and went into business and modeling, however, her call to ministry never left.  About seven years later, she returned to ministry.  She married again, this time to an English businessman (to the delight of her father), Martin, who had been radically converted to Christianity.

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Founder, Shaneen Clarke Ministries and A Woman’s Call Ministries, which have expanded internationally to India, Italy, Scandinavia, the Philippines, and USA

Holds entrepreneurial seminars for Christians and non- Christians

Had a weekly radio program on Premier Radio and had a TV program Real Issues interviewing high profile people about their testimonies

Has appeared on Asian and African television

Qualified Bible Teacher and Corporate Life Coach, trained at Roehampton University

Married to Martin, two children.


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