Jonathan Cahn Uncovers New Biblical Mysteries

In the last days of ancient Israel the people turned away from the God of their foundation in their prosperity. They turned to the god Baal and offered up their children as sacrifices on the altars of Baal. “They called what was evil good and what was good evil. They drove God out of their government, out of their culture, out of the lives of their children. They persecuted and hunted down the righteous and they did this all as they worshiped Baal,” shares Jonathan. In The Harbinger Jonathan revealed the nine signs that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel. Since 9-11, America has followed the template of ancient Israel. Those same harbingers are now appearing on American soil (many of them in New York City and some in Washington D.C.). A replica of the arch that stood in Syria which led to the temple of Baal was unveiled on September 19, 2016. This was the arch through which the worshipers would go to worship their god - Baal. Now the sign of Baal is in America. This is what led to the judgment of Israel.

A year earlier, Jonathan gave a prophetic warning to America regarding Baal on Capitol Hill. He said, “We’ve come to a most critical moment.” As Elijah stood on Mount Carmel and cried out to Israel in its hour of decision in between two altars and two gods he said, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” His voice now cries out to America. Seventy years ago, the Chaplain of the United States cried out with the same voice and said to this nation, “If the Lord be God then follow Him, but if Baal then follow him and go to hell.”

In the Book of Mysteries, Jonathan takes the reader on a one-year journey through dessert plains, mountains, caverns, and hidden chambers with a man known only as “the teacher.” Each day the teacher opens up a new mystery and a new revelation. Some of the mysteries revealed in his book include:Mystery of God’s Name p. 295 – After Jacob (Israel) wrestled with God he called God, ‘the God of Israel’ which is the same as naming Him ‘the God of me.” It is God’s will to join his name to the God of His people. And the Scriptures say that if you are born again, you are also Israel. It is not enough to call Him God. He must become the God of you, the God of your name. He’s the God of all you are and has chosen your name as His.  

  • Mystery of Eden (The Gardener) p. 351 – God placed the man in Eden to till and keep the garden. Man was a gardener. He was created in the image of God to specifically be a gardener. Since the garden did not bear its fruit. The Gardener (God) came into the garden that the garden might bear its fruit. Jonathan says, “God came into His creation that the creation might bring forth life.”
  • Mystery of the Semikhah (Smee-ha) p. 120 – The Semikhah is the placing of sin on the sacrifice by laying hands on its head and confessing your sins over it. The priests of Israel performed this act on Messiah before they delivered Him to His death. The priest had to make physical contact with the sacrifice…with their hands. They struck the Messiah in the head repeatedly with their hands. God placed your sins upon the Messiah. In His death those sins are gone and can never come back. Live this day knowing that your sins have been taken away forever.
  • Mystery of the Bride and Groom p. 228 – The Hebrew wedding in ancient times required the bridegroom to make a journey from his house to the house of the bride. The bridegroom is a shadow of God. And we are born to be the bride. When he returns, the bridegroom brings home the bride to the place he has prepared for her. The world is only the first house…it is destined to fade away. Heaven is our home.
  • Mystery of the Cherubim p. 112 – The cherubim was placed at the east of the Garden of Eden. It formed a barrier to prevent fallen man from entering the presence of God. It represents everything that separates us from God. When the Messiah died a supernatural event took place in the temple. The veil (parochet) in front of the holy of holies was torn in two. Embroidered on its fabric were images of the cherubim. As the veil pulled apart so too were the cherubims. The barrier between God and man is gone.
  • The Maccabean Blueprint p. 345 – The Festival of Lights commemorates the victory of God’s people over evil. The teacher shares a prophetic warning about an evil king who brought an idol into the temple and desecrated it. The Messiah speaks of abomination desolation yet to come in the last days. The account begins with the apostasy of God’s people. In the last days when  people who knew God and who were to keep His ways, even His ministers, apostatized, turned away from God, and embraced the ways of the godless and the current spirit of the age. All except for the Maccabees whom God anointed and empowered to overcome the darkness and usher in the light. Overcome this world by choosing to stand with God and do not be moved. Follow the Maccabean Blueprint and light up the darkness.   
  • The Wings of Messiah p. 146 – Although we don’t know what the Messiah looked like we do know what he wore. He wore on His garments the kanaf, the corner, and the tzitzit, fringes on the corners. In one of the Gospel accounts, a woman touches the hem of the Messiahs’ garment and is instantly healed of her infirmity. This was not a one-time occurrence. Everyone that touched the hem of His garment was healed. But they didn’t just touch the hem of His garment; they were touching the sacred corner and fringe of His garments as ordained in the Law. If God put fringes on His garment, it means He is touchable. Never be afraid to touch God with your infirmities, your wounds, and with the darkest part of your life so he can heal you.
  • Mystery of the 8th Day p. 89 – The Eighth Day speaks of that which comes after the end. Seven is the number of the days of the creation. Eight is the number that transcends the creation that breaks out of time which is the number beyond numbers. Those who belong to God belong to the Eighth Day. The Feast of Tabernacles is the last of the holy days appointed by God, the final feast. It speaks of the end, the end of days. Live today beyond your circumstances, beyond the world, in the day beyond days, in the Eighth Day.

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Author, latest, The Book of Mysteries (Charisma House, 2016), and the New York Times best seller, The Harbinger

Senior Pastor/Rabbi Jerusalem Center - Beth Israel in Wayne, NJ

President of Hope of the World, an outreach to peoples throughout the world

Led 70,000 in altar call in India, Nigeria and many more

Graduate of State University of New York

Married to Renata

Two children.


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