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Allen Jackson: God Bless America Again

Our Nation's Heritage

America is undeniably a nation with a Christian heritage. For example, our legal system, educational system, and cultural values have all derived from Holy Scripture. The influence of our Christian faith is what separates the United States from many other cultures. Christian influences in our society have resulted in things like tolerance. The majority of the world is far less tolerant. Christians have led the fight for the poor, children, women, and for the abolition of slavery. In the majority of the world the poor, women, minority groups are often tyrannized. Although our nation is not perfect it is important to understand that the liberties and freedoms our country enjoys have resulted from a Judeo-Christian worldview.

However, each generation is faced with a tremendous responsibility to determine which principles will continue to guide us. It only takes three generations for an idea to be lost. “If we fail to embrace those things which brought us liberty and freedom, and to teach them to the next generation, we are abandoning our responsibilities,” cautions Allen. “As a country we cannot expect the blessings of God to be extended to those who follow us if we fail in our responsibilities towards obedience and faithfulness.” 

The Church's Assignment 

The problems which America faces today are not political, medical or scientific. Instead they are spiritual and the Church’s response is critical. The Church has been given the assignment to be salt and light in the world. It is responsible for being the conscience of the culture. As Christian followers our primary goal is not to go to Heaven but to do the will of God while we are on earth. It is time for the Church to stand up and be an advocate for our faith and for our Lord. God will provide the strength for the challenge. Allen says, “If the Church fails in their responsibility, the confusion, chaos and anarchy will increase.” Some lessons from Scripture that he has observed:

  • Internal problems are a greater threat than external problems – The greatest threat to our future is what’s within the hearts of those of us who imagine ourselves to be Christ followers. 
  • God’s people wander from the truth – You can be fully engaged in religious activities and stray from the truth of God.
  • Repent – God invites us all to repent.
  • Refusal to change results in God’s judgment – If America refuses to repent the result based on Scripture is God’s judgment.

Turning From Truth (Apostasy) 

Many churches have already turned away from the fundamental principles of orthodox Christianity. “They believe Judeo Christian principles need to evolve and that our definition of family, our definitions of sexuality and human behavior should not be constrained by the Bible,” shares Allen. In the days ahead deception will emerge from the midst of the Church. Allen cautions believers to be aware of the following things in the Church which can displace truth: 

  • Pride – don’t allow yourself to be led by the flesh. Acquire humility by serving others.
  • Self-righteousness – resist trying to establish your own righteousness or earn a right standing with God. Instead rely on God for truth to help you in making decisions.
  • Legalism – do not believe keeping the law is what keeps you. Any interpretation of the law should produce two forms of love (Love God and love your neighbor) if not it is a perversion of God’s law.

What Are We To Do

Christians have spiritual tools to help them: (1) Reading the Word of God so that we know the character of God; (2) Praying and standing in the name of Jesus and in the authority of Jesus’ blood; (3) Fasting to cultivate humility, individually and collectively within the Church.

God has given America a pathway to forgiveness and healing, but we have to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways and that starts with the Church. God can make a difference in and through the Church but we can’t be passive or timid any longer. 

Allen's Info. 

Allen is passionate about helping people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. He has served World Outreach Church (WOC) since 1981, becoming senior pastor in 1989. Under his leadership, WOC has grown to a congregation of over 15,000 through outreach activities, community events and worship services. Through Allen Jackson Ministries, his messages reach people across the globe—through television, radio, Sirius XM, and online streaming. His Bible teachings are also available in published books and other resources.

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