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SQuire and Louise introduce new Godwink series called "Dogwinks"


A Godwink is a coincidence that isn’t a coincidence at all. It is a person-to-person message from God. Another word for a Godwink is answered prayer. So, what is a Dogwink? It is a Godwink story with a dog right at the center of it. SQuire and Louise propose that sometimes God communicates messages (without the use of spoken word) to people through our canine creatures. 

The word dog mirrors GOD: (1) the three letters are the same; (2) they both communicate with us without using the spoken word; (3) they provide enormous comfort and protection; and (4) dogs are God’s furry agents on earth. SQuire and Louise share, “Dogs have a definite purpose in God’s grand plan for us. “You might think your life is random, like a twig floating downstream to destinations unknown. But it isn’t. Inside your DNA is a grand plan just for you. You have purpose. A destiny.” Below are some of the Dogwinks SQuire and Louise share to illustrate divinely aligned encounters that will make you appreciate that your dog is a special messenger from God:

  • RUBY – Ruby, a black and white pup, was seven months old. She had been put up for adoption five times and returned five times to the SPCA for unmanageable behavior. She was only two hours away from being put down when a trainer at the center, named Pat, advocated for Ruby to be spared. Pat could tell Ruby was smart. She even suggested maybe a K-9 unit would take Ruby. In the past, the state police K9 unit had not ever taken a dog from the center. She left feeling defeated and never knew what happened to Ruby. The next day the center director from the SPCA took Pat’s advice and called the Rhode Island State Police K-9 unit. Ruby went to the police station and the sergeant took a look at her. The officer took her home and worked with her for the next fourteen days. Then he called Trooper Dan O’Neal and said I have a partner for you. Dan was excited because this was his dream come true. He took Ruby home and trained her for the next four months. Eventually, Ruby got her police badge and started going on successful missing person searches. One day they got a call that a boy had been missing for thirty-six hours during a cold snap. It was Ruby that found the body and began licking the teenager’s face trying to revive him. Dan gave his coordinates where he and Ruby were so the rescue team could get the boy on the stretcher, but the team could not find them. Dan told Ruby to bark. The rescue team were able to follow Ruby’s barking and take the boy to the hospital. Then Dan and Ruby went to the boy’s home to give them the good news that he had been found and was going to be alright. The mother was relieved. Before leaving the house, the mother asked Dan if he had ever heard of a dog named Ruby. Dan told her the dog that found her boy was named Ruby. The mother was none other than Pat, the dog trainer at the SPCA, who had advocated for Ruby to live, but never heard what happened to the dog. Update: Pat’s son made a full recovery and is attending college. In October 2018, Ruby was named the national Search and Rescue winner in the Hero Dog Awards telecast on the Hallmark Channel. In 2022, a two-hour movie, Rescued by Ruby, will premiere on Netflix.
  • SPOTTY - As a child, Louise often asked for what she never received…a dog. She recalls, “I use to dream that I would wake up on Christmas morning and find a cuddly little puppy under the tree. I prayed so hard, but it wasn’t meant to be.” She mom disliked dogs. Actually, she was afraid of them because her grandfather died after being bitten by a rabid dog. One day, after Loise asked for a dog one more time her mother blurted out, “The only way you are going to get a dog is if somebody leaves it to you in their will.” Although Louise was sad about her mom’s resistance to getting a dog she was comforted by the fact that God gave her a partial answer to her prayer. Their former tenant had an elderly mother who needed a dog sitter for her dog Spotty. Louise was only twelve at the time, but she was elated at the opportunity. The dog loved her and she of course loved the dog. One Christmas their tenant (Bill) let them know his mother had died. He then told Louise his mom had left her something in her will. It was Spotty! Nervously, Louise looked at her mom to see her reaction to this lively gift. Her mom let her keep the dog and eventually fell in “like” with Spotty. 
  • FAITH – Rueben rescued Faith as a puppy. Shortly after she was born, Faith’s mom tried to suffocate her because of her deformities. She was born with one front leg missing and the other one bent backward (the deformed leg was eventually amputated). Despite the odds being stacked against her, Rueben taught this puppy to stand and walk upright on two legs. Faith became known as the walking dog. Her story aired on local and national news channels. She even appeared on Oprah and visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Faith’s power of perseverance, which she exhibited daily, encouraged people all over the world.   
  • BULLET – Bullet, a golden retriever who was fourteen years old, was discovered with a tumor on his liver. His owners borrowed $5,000 and chose to have the surgery despite the age of the dog. A year later, Bullet saved their baby by alerting them in the middle of the night that something was wrong. Without Bullet’s warning, their baby would have died. A reporter with Newsday was told about the story and interviewed the couple. The story was a welcome relief to many considering the events of 9/11 had unfolded eight months previously. 

Godwinks Defined

While writing his first book, When God Winks, SQuire found himself asking, “If there’s no coincidence to coincidence, what do you call it?” He and Louise talked and prayed about it for weeks. “One day the new little word floated into my consciousness ⎯ Godwink. He substituted Godwink for every use of the term coincidence in his manuscript and it worked. "Out of seven billion people on the planet, a Godwink is a direct, person-to-person message of hope and encouragement,” SQuire explains, “and Godwinks happen to everyone. They are extraordinary things that have happened to you; things you perhaps wondered about and maybe even dismissed as too unbelievable to believe. When you develop the ability to see the Godwinks that are unfolding in your life, your entire existence becomes infinitely richer, happier, and more certain.”

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