Paul Wilbur: Celebrating in the Midst of a Chaotic World

Paul says we are witnessing a dramatic and critical shift in our national moral and social compass.  It’s a path that he believes may be unrecoverable in a few short years.  He points out that the last presidential administration yanked our country’s commitment to Israel.  “Day in and day out, there are signs all around us that indicate, even foretell, events to come,” he says.  “There is a message amidst all of this craziness that God is trying to expose to those who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to discern.”  There is a war raging that targets the minds of the people around the world.  He believes our world is in a spiritual identity crisis.  “There are unforeseen forces that desire to manipulate our decision-making,” he says.  “This is not a game.  It is an all-out war for Jerusalem, the city of the Great King and the throne of almighty God.”

This is all happening now because of the hidden mystery behind the headlines of our times: The King of Kings, Yeshua, our Messiah will triumphantly and physically return to earth.  The enemy of this life has convinced the world that God is out of the picture and that the Bible is archaic.  “Satan’s agenda is to deny the fact that the King of Kings – Yeshua – is soon to appear, then Satan will try to convince the world that he is supreme ruler,” says Paul.

“This is an incredible time in history to be alive,” he says.  “A King is coming and most aren’t prepared.”  Throughout his travels, Paul says America has continued to be the recipient of God’s favor.  He believes it is because of two giant pillars that support our nation: 1) America’s propagation of the salvation message through Christ.  We were founded on Judeo-Christian principles; 2) America has continued to stand with Israel.  Until recently, America has been an unwavering strong ally of the State of Israel in the face of anti-Semitism and Muslim armies dedicated to wiping her off the earth.  “The ultimate purpose for getting rid of the Jews is because a King is coming through them and for them. So if the enemy can do away with God’s plan of redemption by wiping out Israel, then Israel and the nations will be left with no hope of salvation!” says Paul.

For eight years before the 2016 election, Paul asked nations to pray for America and was happy with the results.  He believes President Trump is working for real change in our country.  “When a man makes a statement like, It’s time to bring God back into the White House, hope springs up like a river inside of me!” says Paul.

Before the Lord’s coming, Paul reminds us there will be a severe clashing of light and darkness. “If we’re not careful, we could forget that when the light is shined into the darkness, it is the darkness, not the light, that always retreats!” he says.  Christ made a way for us to be victors not victims.  “We live in a different reality than what is seen in this world,” says Paul.  “We are messengers of that different reality.”  It is important in these times to be sure we meet with God.  “Sacrifice what you must in order to silence life,” says Paul.  “So you can have a heart-felt conversation with God and experience His interaction with you.”

He shares five reminders to be mindful of as we seek to love God with our heart, mind and strength:

  1. Have no idols
  2. Serve God with integrity
  3. Follow Jesus
  4. Use what you’ve been given
  5. Be set apart

Paul says there is a real war of thrones is in full swing, in high def, with 3-D action and surround sound.  “It’s called life,” he says.  The loser is the enemy of our soul.  “The King of all kings is also engaged in this battle for your soul, and He has never lost!”   Rosh Hashanah is tonight at 7 pm eastern.  Or log onto www.CBN.com.

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Internationally acclaimed worship artist, song writer and pastor

Award-winning author of Touching the Heart of God

His latest: A King is Coming!, Self-published 2017

Has sold millions of albums

Founder, Wilbur Ministries

Latest CD: Forever Good, Integrity 2016


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