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Corbin and Amanda have been married for nearly 30 years and have enjoyed seeing great accomplishments in their love of design and re-inventing homes.  They have been renovating homes for their family to live in for around 30 years also.  Some 24 houses later, they have a lot to share about remodeling interiors and revamping yards.  Corbin skyrocketed to fame on the show LA Law and says he learned early on that having such a rapid trajectory didn’t bring the happiness he thought.  Before all that, Corbin put himself through college working as a carpenter.  He framed houses; loved to build things.  After purchasing his own home and fixing it up, he thought it was just perfect until he met Amanda.  When first meeting her he told a friend, “I’m going to marry that girl!”  Amanda had a strong sense of design and renovation which she learned from her father who loved “fixing up” homes.  Once she saw Corbin’s home she was not impressed and said everything had to go.  Though Corbin was jolted by her honesty and ideas on removing walls, creating windows, etc, he also realized he was willing to change.   As they began their life together they discovered how much they had in common.   Corbin says they began “a shared adventure in the designs of our homes and our life together.”   Amanda says looking back, Corbin had some really beautiful pieces she made him sell, but they agreed to redecorate in a style incorporating the various flourishes they could appreciate in each other and discovered some happy compromises along the way.  

A year after they met they were married and expecting their first of four sons when they bought their first dream home in Hollywood to remodel. They dreamed big and combining their shared vision created a beautiful haven.  Three years and two babies later they were able to move in, with a supportive staff, and had everything they could wish for.  But within a year, everything changed when the 1994 Northridge earthquake shook the to the core, followed by the unfortunate cancellation of Corbin’s long-running show.  A new beginning looked eminent.   Considering many things – Amanda now a full-time mom, wanting their children to experience England where Amanda grew up, etc., they sold their home to actor Steve Martin and moved the family to England near Amanda’s family, staying and renovating for three years before coming back to sunny California.  Over the years, they’ve bought and remodeled many homes, incorporating their ideas and including their sons in the process.  Among key elements they look for in prospective homes include: A.  Look for a space they can open to create that “hub” of the house. This will become the kitchen/living space. B. Always choose a house with a garden and a couple of mature trees they can work with.  They create shade and atmosphere and give the property weight and a sense of history. C.  Add window and French doors to flood the house with light. D.  Stick with neutral whites in both paint and tile which allows the texture to be added in art and furnishings. E.  Budget by buying appliances during sales – it’s always fun to get a deal!

Corbin is in town as he continues to work with Regent University.  He is working on a new movie, called “Mary for Mayor,” which begins production in January 2018.  It’s the story of a daughter whose father leaves her mom and is mayor of a small town.  He has abandoned their relationship and she is angry.  As she prepares to graduate high school, Mary makes the decision to run for mayor against him, because he is going to sell out the town.  It is a story of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Corbin plays Mary’s grandfather.

Corbin burst into national prominence on the show LA Law in the late 1980s-90s. His actress mother, Jeanne Cooper, was a popular legend on The Young and the Restless.  The death of his father five years ago set Corbin on a faith journey which made him ask serious life questions.  He says many of the themes in his films are a direct reflection of the environment he was raised in, “specifically by my mother.”  She taught him to always explore, be open to that which seems impossible because ALL is possible! The confidence to live one’s life that way, she said, was based on the idea that we layer it all on a bedrock of absolute faith in God, a recognition of His grace, and a thankfulness for His gift – the gift of life itself.

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Authors, latest, Open House (Gibbs Smith 2017)

Amanda – Decorator, designer, actress.

Corbin – Emmy & Golden Globe nominated Actor

Appeared in LA Law; Psych, Major League, Criminal Minds, SNL, Hallmark’s A Time to Dance, General Hospital, etc.

Fdr, Home Theater Films

Producer, Director, Actor, In-Lawfully Yours, Christian Mingle, 4 sons


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