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When Eric was young, he was frequently sick.  He had bouts of tonsillitis and numerous rounds of antibiotics.  He also developed anxiety and fears.  By middle school, Eric became withdrawn as he also battled cystic acne.  His dermatologist put him on Accutane which has been linked to birth defects, depression and suicidal ideation.  In high school, Eric had chronic pain in his joints and developed gastrointestinal issues.  He attended a local university and at one point realized he wasn’t living the life he wanted to live.  “It was like I was falling into a black hole,” he says.  Not long after, depression settled in and he started taking over-the-counter medications, alcohol and street narcotics to numb the pain.  He stayed out all night partying and masked his inner turmoil with reckless living.  He even drank a pot of coffee and smoked a pack of cigarettes to get through the day! At 22, Eric reached rock bottom and thought of taking his own life.  It was then he put his faith in a higher power and his life was forever transformed.  “That day, I asked God to free me from all of my addictions.  After I had failed numerous times to quit smoking and drugs, God delivered me overnight,” he says.  Depression and suicidal thoughs disappeared and Eric had a renewed vigor for life. Though God delivered him from alcohol, drugs and depression, Eric still dealt with aches, pains and acne.  “Hitting rock bottom then fighting my way back to health, one issue at a time, helped me develop patience, character and perseverance – qualities I value in myself and try to instill in my children every day.”

Sabrina was raised in a Christian home but was trapped in an eating disorder she had suffered with for many years.  She was allergic to dairy from childhood and her food problems developed over the years.  She was plagued with digestive issues and soon only a few foods would agree with her.  At one point, Mama Z could only eat 4 foods.  She would eat what food was served to her, then throw it up because she knew how sick it would make her feel and soon became bulimic.  Then when a friend invited her to a non-denominational church service, Mama Z felt the presence of God as she never had before.  She was born again on Easter 2004.  Part of her healing journey involved a 10-day water fast.  She prayed for God’s help and weaned herself off the 10 pharmaceuticals doctors had prescribed to deal with digestive issues, allergies, etc. but an eating disorder still plagued her.  For years, Mama Z asked doctors to test her for food sensitivities without success, so she started doing it herself!  She would withdraw a food from her diet then reintroduce it to gauge her body’s response.  With this experiment, Mama Z learned what she could eat and realized sugar, wheat and dairy were top on the list of foods to avoid.  Once she came to grips with food allergies, Mama Z prayed over her hands.  After meeting Eric at church, Mama Z says their relationship has transformed her health journey.  Early in their relationship, Eric cooked for her.  The meals were brown and green and bulimia and food disorders resolved!


Dr. Z and Mama Z want to bring their lifestyle approach to the Church.  “This isn’t hocus pocus,” says Dr. Z. “This is biblical but there is a stigma.”  Modern day aspirin is actually the chemical form of willow bark which was used for pain.  “We need to get back to nature as God designed.  The Church is afraid of natural medicine because they think its voodoo.”  Their Essential Oils Diet is unlike any other diet.  While the industry defines diet as a way of eating, Dr. Z says they refer to diet in its original meaning, specifically to a way of eating composed of bioactive-rich foods full of essential nutrients and the parallel elimination of processed foods.  Essential oils enhance the body’s ability to heal itself and can impove the experience of reaching an ideal weight.  “They will not help you achieve lasting weight loss if you’re not willing to change your lifestyle,” he says.  

They will share about healthy eating including South of the Border casserole using Mama Z’s Taco Seasoning and Taco Dip (pg 257), Lemon Abundance Tea Bread (pg 258), Basil, Garlic & Pine Nut Super Pasta (pg 232), Fat-burning Matcha tea (pg 215), Kale & Avocado Super Pesto (pg 238) and Coconut Whipped Cream with Fresh Organic Berries (pg 262).

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Co-Author,The Essential Oils Diet, Harmony 2019

Eric: Known as Dr. Z; Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher; Co-founder, DrEricZ.com (now www.naturallivingfamily.com), 2014 with wife: Sabrina, website generates more than 6 million readers every year and the number one online source for biblical halth and non-branded essential oils education

Sabrina: Known as “Mama Z”; certified group fitness and marital arts instructor, health coach, lactation consultant and mastermind behind the recipes and do-it-yourself remedies for their book and website

They have 4 children


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