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Tim Tebow on 'Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember'

Why A Children's Book?

The author of several books on identity and purpose, Tim takes a clear detour in writing a storybook for kids, but with clear intention. As the youngest of the five Tebow siblings, he was born and spent his first three years in the Philippines, where his parents served as Baptist missionaries. Tim vividly remembers their reading to him as a boy, how much he enjoyed it, and the difference it made in his growth and development. Believing that every person is unique, special, and wonderful, no matter his challenges, Tim wanted to pen a book for children that emphasizes that message. 

The tale revolves around the main character, Bronco, based on Tim’s late dog of the same name, who receives an invitation to a party, but can’t find the puzzle piece he needs to enter. In his search, he comes across Chelsie, a clumsy bunny, Ethan, a bird with a broken wing, and Alexis, an allergic goat, all of whom he invites to join him. Despite their challenges, each one helps in the effort to find the party and encourage their leader. Once there, all are warmly welcomed and have a marvelous time.  

A couple things make the story personal for Tim. On a light note, his own three dogs are some of the “extra” illustrated animals. More important, there’s a special significance in the main characters. Each one is named after a child he’s come to know through his foundation who lost his or her battle with cancer. 

Bringing A Brighter Day

Though he wears many hats, including newlywed, one of Tim’s passions is helping people through the Tim Tebow Foundation, which serves children around the world. Their stated mission: “To bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.” The foundation’s outreaches are fourfold: children with special needs, orphan care and prevention, children with profound medical needs, and anti-human trafficking. One of the branches of their special needs ministry is called “A Night to Shine,” which provides a prom experience, centered on God’s love, for special-needs teens who might not otherwise have one. Each attendee is treated to a grand dance party, named a king or queen of the prom, and reminded how much God loves them. Tim himself attends one of the events each year. The guests’ ecstatic responses, seen in many online videos, is proof of how much this event means to them. In 2020, there were events hosted by more than 700 churches in all 50 states and 34 countries, with 110,000 total guests. This year’s event will take place virtually on February 12.   

Another branch of the foundation’s ministries that means a lot to Tim, is their work to end human trafficking, which is now estimated to enslave as many as 40 million women, children, and even some men worldwide. They do so in three ways: proactively, they implement programs that preserve and strengthen the family unit, in hopes of lowering the trend. Reactively, they work in partnership with rescue organizations on the front lines, both in the U.S. and abroad, to help victims escape their plights. Lastly, the foundation supports the long-term recovery of victims by providing needed resources for healing, very much including the Gospel of Christ. 

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