Documentary Seeks Answers To The Global Orphan Crisis

Lost Kites is a 45-minute documentary that follows a young film team seeking answers to the global orphan crisis. Eight to ten million children are living in orphanages, and 100 million are living on the streets worldwide. With a heart to find a solution to the problem, a team of five 20-somethings travelled across 22 nations over the course of two years for production. The project was financed through crowd funding and donations from friends and family. In addition, Orphans Promise funded some of their equipment during film production and is currently contributing to their efforts in touring the film around the U.S. as they raise awareness about how the church can best respond to the needs of orphans around the world.
“Our film takes a look at what life is like for the modern day orphan,” says screenwriter Casey Walker. “The modern day orphanage is different than most of us in the Western world have imagined. Most orphans have a mom and dad who have been separated by poverty.” Casey says one of the filmmakers’ most important discoveries during the filming of Lost Kites is that these orphans can be reunited with their families. When families are torn apart by genocide, AIDS, war, disability, and government corruption, the children are placed in orphanages.  However, the healthiest place for them is with their own family. The team interviewed over 75 experts who ranged from child rights advocates, to doctors, social workers, and orphanage directors. These experts all endorsed family-based care as one solution to the orphan crisis for children across the globe. Research has shown the growth and development that occurs when a child is with their family is more substantial than the development that occurs in orphanages. The children fare better emotionally, spiritually, and mentally when they are with their family.

During their journey, the team met three abandoned children whose harrowing stories are told in Lost Kites

In India, they met Sanjoy, a 15-year-old boy who fell through the cracks. Sanjoy’s Mom was mentally ill and left him on the street.

In Brazil, they met 17-year old Weric. Eighteen is the age that orphans graduate from orphanages and must then live alone. Weric’s one glimmer of hope was that he was a great soccer player and had been invited to tryout for the city's team. If he made the team, he would be set for life, and would even be able to take his brother out of the orphanage.

In China, they met 2 ½-year old Carmella. Born with a hole in her heart, she was abandoned at a hospital. A Christian foster couple was matched with her at the hospital and decided to get corrective surgery for her. However, the surgery was experimental, and the only place that would conduct it was in Thailand. It was also very expensive, and the couple couldn't afford it. They decided to fly to Thailand anyway, hoping God would provide for the surgery.

Casey says people can help by praying and asking the Lord what it looks like for them to care for vulnerable children. Often they can help by sponsoring a family through one of many family-based care organizations throughout the world. These organizations help families get what they need, whether it’s help with medical bills, a micro loan, or classes to get a better job. It’s also less expensive to put them in families. By giving as little as $30 a month, we can help change a families entire situation.


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Screenwriter Lost Kites

Former head of Research & Writing for the international non-profit Global Breakthrough.

BA, (Cum Laude) University of Washington.


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