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SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt: Another Godwink Christmas

New Hallmark Movie

After 2018’s A Godwink Christmas met with rave reviews and an audience of 12.5 million viewers, Hallmark quickly decided to produce another for 2019 and 2020. Their latest, A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love starring Brooke D'Orsay and Sam Page, is based on the true story of Patrick and Margery.

Patrick and Margery were high school sweethearts who loved attending basketball games, football games, school dances, etc. When they graduated, Margery selected a college out-of-state, while Patrick was lured to move to Hawaii to pursue adventure. She was the goal-oriented businesswoman, while he was an outdoor adventure-seeker. 

Margery became a successful corporate professional working in Boise, Idaho for the same company for almost 17 years. While she enjoyed success, she still craved the kind of love she felt from Patrick back in high school. Never finding it, she threw herself even further into her career.

After a failed marriage, Patrick took custody of his two young boys and moved back home to Boise to be near his mom and rebuild his life. To Patrick’s surprise, he found his high school car, a 1966 Ford Fairlane, parked in his mother’s garage. His mom had maintained it for him while he was away. When he took it out for the first time and pulled down the car visor, an old picture of Margery fell out. He couldn’t help but think about her and wonder where she was now. He wouldn’t have to wait long to find out. While stuck in traffic he heard honking. He turned around only to see Margery! She recognized the same car they used to cruise around in all those years ago. This was only one Godwink that brought them together again. 

Patrick was having a hard time finding a job in Boise but was offered one 500 miles away in Seattle. He wasn’t sure if he should take it but felt he had to in order to provide for his boys. He and Margery knew they were experiencing Godwinks but were both afraid to take the plunge. Then, realizing Patrick would be moving again, they figured their relationship wasn’t meant to be. Until Margery was offered a promotion to be the VP over her entire company. This meant she would have to move to their headquartered in...Seattle. Godwink after Godwink! Today, they are married and living out their fairytale happy ending. 

A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love will air on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel on Sunday, November 22 at 10 pm/9c.

Godwinks Defined

While writing his first book, When God Winks, SQuire found himself asking, “If there’s no coincidence to coincidence, what do you call it?” He and Louise talked and prayed about it for weeks. “One day the new little word floated into my consciousness ⎯ ‘Godwink’ ⎯ it was fun and friendly like ‘Godsend’ or ‘Godspeed,’” he says. He substituted “Godwink” for every use of the term “coincidence” in his manuscript and it worked. "Out of seven billion people on the planet, a Godwink is a direct, person-to-person message of hope and encouragement,” SQuire explains, “and Godwinks happen to everyone. They are extraordinary things that have happened to you; things you perhaps wondered about and maybe even dismissed as too unbelievable to believe. When you develop the ability to see the Godwinks that are unfolding in your life, your entire existence becomes infinitely richer, happier, and more certain.” 

In Godwink Christmas Stories paperback edition, SQuire and Louise share 21 new and ten classic true stories of “Godwinks” at Christmastime that demonstrate how God has shown Himself in the lives of others.

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