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Erin Weidemann’s “Ringleaders: The Adventures of Rooney Cruz”

Bible Belles 

In this fun new collection from Bible Belles, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz is the second series of books written by Erin Weidemann, which was inspired by Erin’s niece. The books features the main character, Rooney Cruz, a young girl experiencing the normal challenges of daily life who finds inspiration through the stories of the women in the Bible. As her adventures continue in the latest book, Ringleaders, Rooney goes on another unforgettable journey with Mari (an Angel) to meet the women who will give her the confidence she needs to use her voice. Ringleaders identify six women in the New Testament—Elizabeth, Mary the mother of Jesus, the Samaritan woman (at the well), Mary & Martha, and Mary Magdalene—whose lives ring with the truth of God's Word and whose stories proclaim the hope of Jesus to the generations. In this book, Rooney learns she has five real superpowers: Prayer, Patience, Bravery, Loyalty, and Leadership.

Rooney also learns to use her voice when her role in the school play takes an unexpected turn. She finds out the truth about her voice and the important message God is calling her to deliver. 

Erin shares, “When we created The Adventures of Rooney Cruz and Bible Belles, our goal was to equip and empower parents with stories that would teach their daughters about how ordinary women of the Bible made extraordinary choices in life. Ringleaders are the next step—putting faith in action and learning how they can make the Gospel of Jesus come to life.”

Plans Of Her Own

Erin grew up in a Christian home. “I memorized all the stories, but we never talked about it at home,” she says. Around high school, Erin made a decision about her faith. “I got busy with sports and met people who weren’t Christians,” she says and decided she wasn’t going to believe anything about Christianity. That was the time she decided to live her life doing what she wanted to do. Erin graduated from college and was by then a self-proclaimed atheist. At 26, she had a high-powered corporate career but things took a dark turn when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after finding a lump on her neck. Erin noticed a lump on her breast but did nothing about it for three years until she felt the lump on her neck. By the time doctors diagnosed it, cancer had metastasized and spread everywhere, even to her brain. She had surgery and moved in with her parents. In 2007, after a treatment, Erin was on a 72-hour quarantine. “I couldn’t have human contact because of the radiation treatment,” she says. “I had never been more sick,” she says and worked herself into a panic. She hit the floor and prayed out loud. “I’m so sorry God. I need you; I need help.” That was the first time she had prayed since she was a young girl. 

While she was in treatment, Erin spent a lot of time soul searching. She asked the Lord, “God, if I’m not going to live long, what do I do?” She decided to get her teaching credentials and started teaching high school. Erin met Brent at a college alumni event and got married in 2010. “No matter how much you have your life planned out, God has a plan better than you can dream yourself,” says Erin. “I am a walking miracle.” The cancer came back four additional times. Erin battled it each time, the last bout was in 2012. Erin’s last neck scan revealed no abnormalities!  

As a teacher, Erin worked in the classroom with all levels and spent five years working with middle schoolers. “The more I spent time with girls, the more I realized a universal struggle,” says Erin. She realized the young girls did not understand their self-worth. “I wished my girls knew their true identity,” says Erin. She says young girls today are confused and oftentimes trying to measure up with society. “We have conversations,” says Erin. “Who does God say you are? And who does the world say you are? They are not the same.”  


Truth Becomes Her is their (she and her husband’s) umbrella company. The website houses resources like eCourses, blogs, conferences, podcasts, etc. It's your one-stop shop for raising girls in today's age. 

Bible Belles is their brand that focuses on women of the Bible. The Adventures of Rooney Cruz is a series of Bible Belles books.

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