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Ten Strategies to Live Out a Counter-Culture Faith

Dr. Robert Jeffress says that living out your faith in an increasingly Godless culture can feel like being stranded on a deserted island surrounded by shark-infested waters. He faced persecution in June 2018 when the Dallas Morning News wrote two scathing articles about a billboard he rented to promote a church event. Part of the message on the billboard stated that “America is a Christian Nation.”  The mayor of Dallas agreed with the news reports stating that the language on the sign was divisive and hateful. The billboard company caved and took down the two signs. Dr. Jeffress stood up and fought back. He went on Fox News to discuss it and found another billboard company that put up 20 signs, instead of the two originally taken down.  Dr. Jeffress frequents the news speaking on topics such as homosexuality, culture, Christian persecution, standing for Israel, etc. In his latest book, Courageous, Dr. Jeffress shares the following ten strategies for thriving in a hostile world:

  1. Don’t Panic-When facing scary situations studies show that 10% of people fight, 10% take flight and 80% freeze. How do we be one of the ten percent that keep our wits about us and fight? We must remember that God is in control and take courage in His promise: “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). Dr. Jeffress says, “Only when we strengthen ourselves internally by relying on God’s promises and God’s presence, only then will we act in a bold, courageous way.”
  2. Gain Situational Awareness-Dr. Jeffress says to look around and access what is happening by staying alert and awake. Ask God for wisdom in your situation.
  3. Take Inventory-What tools and spiritual gifts or life experience has God given you to handle the situation you are faced with? Apply them to overcome your circumstances.
  4. Develop a Victor Not a Victim Mindset-Don’t look at yourself as a victim of other people’s actions or of the circumstances that are beyond your control. Instead, develop the mindset of a victor by being obedient to God and following and trusting His purpose for your life.
  5. Trust Your Training-This is where the power of God’s Word comes in. Call to mind Scripture passages that relate to your situation and use them to strengthen yourself internally to fight and overcome the battles you are faced with.
  6. Bend, Don’t Break-During times of conflict, take steps that lead to peace in a grace-filled way. Be flexible without compromising your convictions and “overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21).
  7. Beware of Celebrating the Summit-Take caution in celebrating your successes too long or too often. Otherwise, you might be tempted to think you did it on your own. Humble yourself and press on. Allow yourself to receive help from God and others.
  8. Learn from the Past-Others have faced similar situations that you face now. Learn from those who have gone before you.
  9. Help Others-It is important not to allow your desire for self-preservation to keep you from helping others. Seek opportunities to serve those around you by placing their interests and needs ahead of your own.
  10. Do the Next Right Thing- Finally, when you’ve done everything you know how to do and aren’t sure how to move forward, simply do the next right thing. Take the risk to step out in obedience to God and then press on to do what God is calling you to do, trusting Him with the results.

Dr. Jeffress says that “All the survival tips we’ve covered will be of no use to us if we lose hope. Hope is the one virtue of the Christian faith that, if lost, ‘makes the heart sick’” (Prov. 13:12)… If we believe and never give up hope, then no matter what comes in our lives, we will do more than survive—we will thrive!

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Author, latest: Courageous (Baker Books, 2020)

Pastor, 14,000 member First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX

Has made more than 3,000 appearances on various radio and TV shows including Hannity, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox and Friends, Varney & Co., Good Morning America

Member, Executive Committee, White House Faith Initiative

Host of daily radio program, Pathway to Victory

Weekly TV program

Graduate: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, D. Min

Wife: Amy

2 daughters, 3 grandchildren


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