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In 1974 Vernon was on a business trip in Barstow, CA.  One afternoon a client took Vernon to meet his pastor briefly at his church office.  Vernon was not interested, but was polite and picked up a brochure about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which he had never heard of.  Back at his hotel, Vernon smoked marijuana and had some drinks.  Then he decided to drive to a disco.  Getting lost, he asked for directions and a bystander said, “I only know Jesus.  You need to cross the railroad tracks and go to the end of the mountain road.”  Vernon basically followed these directions looking for the disco. Now highly drunk, he ended up at a Pentecostal church.  He had never seen such a service.  At first he was mocking every thing he saw, but he sobered up and a little old lady told him he needed to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

The next day, out of loyalty to the denominational church he was raised in, Vernon went to a minister and asked about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He was told about healing services they were having and was invited to one later in the week.  Inside, Vernon was angry at his childhood church and felt cheated that he had never been taught of such things.  He returned to the Pentecostal church and then accepted the Lord back in his hotel room.  He spoke in tongues for over an hour!

Unfortunately, three days later Vernon turned back to the world and for three years lived in sin.   Finally one day over the course of several days his house burned down, his car burned up and a nail went through his foot.  He turned back to the Lord, attended Bible school, married Margareth, worked in ministry, began Lifeline Ministries in 1981 and moved overseas in 1985.

Vernon and his wife, Margareth, have ministered around the world.  They have seen Jesus do phenomenal healings - deaf ears opened in India, the paralyzed in Armenia totally healed, 25 deaf and dumb people healed instantly in Peru, etc.  

Vernon believes there will be a great move of God in the US.  Right now there is great complacency in the American church with too much entertainment.  We need to see the reality of Jesus in a demonstration of power.   Vernon says Christians need: 1) to know their authority in Jesus, 2) to know how to do spiritual warfare, 3) to have faith in the Word, 4) to not fear the devil, and 5) to know God's power in always greater than anything they face.

In July 2016, Vernon and Margareth ministered in Malaysia where numerous salvations and healings took place.  People with stomach, chest, shoulder and ear pain were healed.  One woman was healed of her shoulder pain while the choir was singing!  Another woman who was to undergo surgery began to move freely without pain during the service.  One woman could not see out of her right eye but was healed and could see! They have also ministered recently in Taiwan, Bangladore, Peru, Armenia and the Amazon River.

Vernon is a special guest, along with Gordon Robertson at A Night of Prophecy at Regent University Chapel on Friday, June 23, 2017 from 6 – 11 pm.  Worship by Demetria Stallings.  For more information, please visit www.cbn.com/ANightofProphecy or call 757-226-2468.

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Founder, Lifeline International Ministries, churches and Bible training centers, orphanages, feed centers, etc in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America and USA

Has ministered in over 100 nations through evangelistic and healing crusades, radio, seminars, etc

Associate Pastor, Renewal Lutheran Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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