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She Saw Healing With Her Own Eyes

Sandra says, “I began to feel like there was some kind of a cloudiness that was just interfering with my ability to read relatively easily. It felt almost as if you’re looking through a dirty window. No matter how much you try to clean, it wasn’t going to be completely clean. I even put warm washcloths on my eyes thinking that would help. It just—it didn’t matter. It just didn’t seem to help at all.”

“My husband had a stroke and he has been needing my care. It’s extremely difficult for him. So when we would have our prayer time and devotional time, I took it upon myself to read to him. I felt like I was getting robbed of those nice moments with my husband. It was very frustrating. Nothing seemed to really, really help. It just was a persistent thing. So I just said Lord, I don’t know what else to do but I really need You to touch me.”

“We were watching The 700 Club and Terry Meeuwsen had a word of knowledge saying that, 'There is a fog in your eye and its difficult to see. Close your eyes now as Jesus heals your eyes completely.'  I just said, 'I’m going to claim that.' It’s not like I felt anything. It’s not like some warmth came over me. But I just knew that I knew it was God. The next day I woke up—it was just so crystal clear. I said I want to see what this day holds. I went through the day and no cloudiness. He saw how much that meant to me, not just to me but to my husband. I am extremely thankful to the Lord for His steadfast love, His mercies that never come to an end. We sometimes think God only wants to hear the big stuff. But I can testify that is not true. He wants to hear even the small things.”

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