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Thrill-Seeker Left with Painful Reminder of Roller Coaster Ride

Tawnie Cunningham and her husband were enjoying a day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk when they decided to ride the giant dipper roller coaster.

Tawnie’s husband Larry explains, “You get to the very top of it and as you crest the top, as you come down, it's like 60-something miles an hour and you come around real quick. All of a sudden I'm like this…and then she comes slamming into me and then her body went this way and her head was still straight…there was this big pop.”

Tawnie adds, “It was awful.”

Tawnie was grateful that the “pop” she felt in her neck only gave her a headache. But two months later, she began experiencing intense neck pain and had trouble turning her head.

Tawnie says, “It was a burning from the back of my head to the center of my shoulder on the right side just a real deep burning. I was hurting. I didn't want to do anything.  I took a lot of aspirin and muscle relaxers. I was an emotional wreck. I was upset, crying all the time. I just didn’t feel like myself.”

She called a spine specialist, but would have to wait two months for an appointment. In the meantime, she tried her best to cope with the daily pain. Then one morning, she watched The 700 Club. She says, “I had my hand placed on the back right side of my neck at this time and I had my head down and I was praying.”

On the television, Gordon prays for healing saying, “You injured the right side of your neck and it’s in the back. God is healing that and restoring that. The muscle is relaxing now in Jesus’ name.”

Tawnie says, “Instantly I received it. I just jumped up and I was happy and I moved my head back and forth and I had no more pain from that day forth.”

Tawnie has been pain free and able to move her neck freely ever since. She canceled her appointment with the specialist. Instead she gives thanks to the Great Physician. She says with tears in her eyes, “Jesus instantly heals and you know, I've always had faith in that, but to experience it from my own, my goodness, I'm overwhelmed. My cup runneth over.”

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