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Therapist Seeks Relief for Her Own Pain

Occupational therapy has been a good career choice for Karen Hussar, who   enjoys helping people get back to life.  
“We get to see the turnaround, you know, be part of that. So I love that.”
But there was a downside.  After years of working as a therapist, she started having back and neck pain.  

“And I found that I just couldn’t do the in-patient work where I was lifting patients and having to do a lot of walking on the hospital floors, it tended to aggravate it.  So that’s when I went to doing full time home health.”

Most of the time, the pain was manageable – until one day in 2008.    

“A woman was coming the opposite direction. She swerved to miss a deer and ended up losing control.  She went into a spin and I ran into the back of her.  I really got thrown forward violently and the neck started stiffening up and it was very, very painful.”

Her doctor ordered an MRI which revealed she had bone spurs and spinal stenosis in her neck.  With the help of prescription pain medications and a good chiropractor, Karen managed the pain for seven years.  Still, she often found everyday movement difficult and sometimes had to miss work.”   

“I started finding that I had to avoid anything where I looked up for very long or I looked down.  But I would either forget or there would be a flare up and I wouldn’t necessarily know why, what I had done.”

On December 11, 2015, Karen was watching The 700 Club.

“And they were just starting to pray. And Gordon said, ‘put your hand on the area, you know, if you need healing.’ So I stopped what I was doing because I was kind of looking through the mail and I thought yeah, I should do that.”

On the show, Gordon prayed, saying,  “Someone else, you’ve injured the right side of your neck, it’s in the back.  God’s healing that, restoring that.  The muscle is just relaxing now in Jesus’ name.”
“And I felt it relax right away. It just was like, literally like somebody untied a knot. It was very clear, you know, I could feel it  and I just put my hand up and started crying.  You know, praising God, I was like that’s actually for me! That was really awesome.”

Karen’s pain hasn’t returned, and she’s able to work and move freely.   This answer to prayer has drawn both her and husband Bill closer to the Lord.    

Bill says, “Makes you feel good that she’s not suffering and you can enjoy life more together. And be thankful to God for the blessing of it all.”  

“Sometimes we feel like we have to perform or something. I didn’t have to. I just had to ask Him.  God stlll heals us, you know, and just keep asking.”  

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