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Woman Finds Remedy to Unrelenting Knee Pain

As a school custodian, Sena was always on her feet.  One day she was picking up trash from the playground when she slipped and fell – landing hard on her right shoulder and knee.

Sena remembers, “I was quite embarrassed, but I’m glad that, you know, the children weren't on the playground and I was able to just dust myself off.”
But the next day, Sena woke up in severe pain.  Her family doctor prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers, which helped her shoulder.  But the pain in her knee was relentless.   

Sena says, “The burning was going up my leg and the throbbing was on the kneecap itself and it would increase as I would go through the day.  It was hard to walk because it would just – move in and out.  It's like I couldn't walk right, just because it just kept clicking.”

Sena began cold-laser treatments and continued going to work.

She remembers, “The struggle of just everyday getting up, knowing I had to go to work for those long hours.  I needed to press through because my husband was out of work and I had to pay the bills.”

The pain also kept her from doing the more important things in her life.   
Sena says, “When I got hurt, one of my grandbabies was born and then the other one was born a couple months later.  So it was really hard for me to hold them and do the things I wanted to do with them.”

When the laser treatments brought no relief, Sena prayed for God to heal her.

Sena says, “When I get frustrated I pray. Sometimes I pray very loud!  I was thanking God in the midst of my pain.  And I was thanking him for my healing.”

The pain continued for a year – and Sena reached her breaking point.

“I just really wanted some relief and I wasn't getting it.  It seemed like the pain was increasing.  I was just to the end, like I didn't know where to turn,” Sena says.

One day she went home during her lunch break, and turned on The 700 Club.

She remembers, “My thoughts were ‘Lord, I don't know how much longer I can take, you know, the pain and-and continue on doing this.’”

Sena watched as Terry Meeuwsen gave a word of knowledge: “There is somebody, you have a tendon problem in your leg. But it goes down to your knee.  Your knee pops in and out all of the time.  It is actually quite painful, but God is completely healing that for you.  It is not going to happen again.”

Sena says, “I just got out of my recliner, because the pain instantly went away, because I knew that that word was for me.  And I received it by faith, and I jumped out of my chair and I hollered.  Thank you Jesus!  I give you glory, O God!  I thank you Lord, for healing me, God!”
Sena went back to school and worked the rest of the day with no pain, and has been pain free ever since. Her work days are no longer a struggle – and there is an even greater blessing.

Sena says, “I can spend time with my grandchildren.  Today I’m able to go out and swing with them and fish with them.”

Sena encourages others to trust God for healing.  

She says, “If you're a child of God.  Then healing is for you.  And I just put my faith out there and-and he did it.  He always shows off at the last minute!”

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