Unemployed, Depressed and Terrified

“I had a lot of business.  I was busy almost every weekend, sending about three or four booths out a weekend, maybe a couple during the week,” says George.

His business, renting out mobile photo booths for events, had been thriving and growing for years.   But as other competitors entered the market, his client base dropped off dramatically.  

George adds, “We were one of the first ones to start it, you know, in the area.  But now everybody had a photo both.  And people weren’t paying as much money for them.”   

Eventually George couldn’t afford to live on his own and had to move back in with his parents.    

He says, “It was actually devastating because I didn't know what I would do next because I had always been on my own.  How was I going to pay my bills and survive?   I tried to look for other jobs and work freelance for other people doing video work.  Nothing stuck.  I felt directionless.  I fell into a depression, because of the finances and I felt like a kind of a failure. I didn't want to go out of the house.  And I lost my motivation, to work, even socialize.”  

George also began to question God.       

George remembers, “I lost my faith at this point.  I saw things going so bad I didn't understand what was happening.  Am I going to be financially okay, mentally okay, or is this it?  Is this it?  You know, ‘Is this my life?’”    

Meanwhile he kept feeling worse.

He says, “It got bad.  My depression and anxiety got really bad.  And then I started to panic.  And then I started to feel so afraid of everything that I just kind of stayed in my room.”

One day he turned on the television.  

He recalls, “It was just on.  I just turned the TV on, and it was on the The 700 Club and Pat was praying.”

Pat gave this word of knowledge: “Somebody, I believe the name’s George.  You are so terrified.  You are just having terror.  You don’t quite know what you’re afraid of, but you are afraid of everything.  And God is setting you free.  Perfect love casts out fear, for fear has torment.  You are free in the name of Jesus, the spirit of fear is leaving you now, in Jesus’ name!”

George says, “It was specific and I felt like it was just perfect timing. I turned on the TV and there he is. And the next moment after he prayed I got up and I felt clear.  I felt like…good.  And I just went out!  That was it.  I really just went out.  And I was like, ‘Wow, was – that was for me!’  After the next couple of days I started to feel good about my life again.  I still had the same problems and I still had the same circumstance that-that I was in, but I knew that God was with me from that moment.”  

With his faith in God restored, George overcame his fears and got back to work.  This time, he decided to trust God with his business, and it’s been growing steadily ever since.

George says, “The phone’s ringing off the hook, because God’s in control.  I’m not in control and trying to fix it, you know, I let him have it.  I learned most that Jesus knows me and knows exactly what's happening in my life.  He knows what He's doing and it's all about trust.  You know, just trusting Him that He has a plan for your life.”  

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